Was never a big fan of Xiaxue’s blog but was curious about her $700 Equinox bill for Valentine’s dinner with her boyfriend when Hazel told me about it so I went to her blog to kay-poh-ed around abit. ( I mean, what has the bill got to do with me!? )

So I ended up reading some of her entries and I came across one where she logged on into her boyfriend’s Facebook account and went through his messages. To her horror, there were messages from random women who asked him to break up with her or obviously trying to flirt with him! Of course, XX being herself, simply asked these women to F* off. And she’s very happy that her boyfriend replied to none of these random people. Seriously, I think her boyfriend is extremely nice to her, that lucky woman! When she asked him if flirting/talking to another gender is considered cheating, he replied her this:

“Here’s the litmus test – if it will upset the other party when they find out, I think it’s considered cheating. So if you have to hide it, you shouldn’t do it.”

I think he is very right.

If you have to hide it, then you shouldn’t do it.

Can everybody just lock that in your heads? Whats the point of being with someone and lying to him/her and having to keep things from each other?! Not only will you upset the other party, you are just jeopardising the relationship. So don’t make stupid mistakes. Mistakes that you can avoid and its futile to try to hide things from each other. If you think the other party will never find out, think twice. Do you even have a conscience?

Okay thats all for an angsty night.