I’m heeding my sister’s advice to handle the situation and to try and look at things differently… it seems to be working a little but I guess I need a little more effort. One step at a time!

Went for a swim today and I do feel so much more refreshed after those few laps! (: Mental note to self: Get a new pair of anti-fogging goggles please!! And never underestimate Ah Bengs. Because there was this Ah Beng in his colourful boxer who swam at lightning speed past me today. Or maybe its just me swimming at an impossibly slow speed…

Oh, does anybody have this problem of being obsessed over one particular item and then you keep buying and buying for a certain period of time until the fad dies off and you move on to buy something else?!! I do!!! It used to be dresses, then it became skirts before moving on to bags… then theres this big craze over lace and bows (which is still on), and now its anything that screams 1950’s/60’s and SHOES! Especially those non-practical ones that I cannot wear to school haha! I only wear flats to school… but I keep looking at heels/oxfords. How now brown cow! ): And I want this pair of combat boots… because I don’t have anything like that?


Hehe and I want coloured wayfarers! Since my hair is already like that, might as well just go havoc all the way!

I dreamt that F21 launched its Prom Line last night. The lookbook is on the web but its not launched, yet. See, I can’t even sleep without thinking of shopping, how bad is my condition?!

Okay need to go now, I have not bathed after swimming and I reek of chlorine. Toodles!