I went for driving lesson, supplementary test for Science of Music in school, an evening swim and then met up with Baby in town for dinner and some shopping all in a day. As much as I would love to just stay at home the entire day and surf the net and join countless sprees and do massive online shopping while eating junk food/takeaways, its just… not exciting? I’m not saying that swimming and sitting for a test is exciting but at least it makes me feel like I’m doing something.

I bought new swimming goggles today (: Baby bought new swimming trunks and goggles too, I can sense a swimming date yay! I love the fact that my goggles are RED and BIG. Check out the size difference:



Currently fighting a battle with my report for 2202 at 2am. Its due… twelve hours later?! Reports suck ): After which it means 2 down, 3 more to go before my holidays arrive! I want to go on a cheap shopping getaway but everyone seems to be busy/saving money for exchange or other planned holiday trips and my mum doesn’t want me to go alone! ): x 2.

Baby’s mum left a bowl of porridge on the table and I finished 3/4 of it. I always get hungry when I stay up late to do work but there’s always nothing to eat at home!!! Staying over at Baby’s was a wise choice haha. He’s currently sleeping and snoring, I’m jealous! I’m so tired!