I came home after my paper and ‘high-tea’ with Baby today instead of joining the NUS clique at Vivo for dinner because my contact lens hurt with a capital H ): Was debating whether to swim or to start on my DIY idea (yes, I’m behaving as if my papers are over. Not yet. Monday!) and since I was feeling lazy, I striked out swimming. Bought a mini can of paint and a brush on my way home and embarked on my little project after dinner!!


Tada! I painted my chair! I bought it initially few months back because I liked the WHITE-ness of it but over the months it has gotten really filthy and started to look boring. Been wanting to do something to the furniture pieces at home ever since I visited Caramel and was very inspired. I know pink is not exactly my colour… wanted turquoise but couldn’t find it at the shop, oh well but the effect turned out pretty well (and pretty bimbotic!).

More more more! <3



Need/want/will/ is going to get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!