My paper was at 9am on Tuesday morning and as usual I found the need to complain to Baby over MSN on Monday night about having to wake up early + squeeze with the morning crowd on the train and bus to school. And hoho, Baby drove over at 12am to pick me up back to his place so that his dad can drop me off at NUS on their way to work at 8+am Tuesday morning. (: Happy!

Paper was bad as usual. I think every Life Science paper spells B-A-D for me. There’s not even an O-K-A-Y to hope for. Seriously I should just cut my throat and die in the exam hall because everything that I remembered was not tested and everything that was foreign to me greeted me in the paper. ): ): ): I think I kissed nearly 35marks goodbye. I screwed up 2 out of 3 essay questions!! ): Lets not even start on the MCQ.

I have a paper at 1pm later and I’m not asleep yet. I fell asleep on the table for about 15minutes just now and I drooled all over my notes, gross! ZZZZZ, I am hungry and am contemplating if I should order MacBreakfast at 4am. Should I should I should I!!? I want… hotcakes!

Cannot wait for exams to be over. Glenn, Shu, Benjy, Geraldine and a few others from the clique finish their last paper by tomorrow and they were making plans already! That leaves poor Bryan, Ryan, Pecks and I to have our own mini celebration on 4th May. I can’t wait to go back for alumni band pracs, catch up with my girlfriends, do lots of shopping, probably organise some cheap getaway and try out some DIY ideas I have!! And yes… I think I want to work, need the moolah!

Alright, I need to get back to my notes. Break comes half an hour later at 4am for me to place order for McDelivery hah! (: