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Love the smile, love the flushed cheeks, love the bow-tie, love his sucked-in tummy, love Lester Lim! He had been such an inspiring mentor to the band and I for the past years, I practically idolize him. He does not only teach us music, he taught us numerous life lessons that probably nobody else would be able to. Funnily, the first person I think of whenever I get butterflies in my stomach for exams/presentations/performances will be Lester Lim. I remembered him telling us that nobody taught us to be nervous,  so where’s all these nervous-ness coming from?? OUR HEADS! There’s no reason to even be nervous in the first place.

And his most recent reminder was to remind ourselves that our middle toe is still down there everyday in the morning. Why? Because although humans have so many body parts, how many parts of our body are we actually even aware of and maximise full use of? People are losing touch with even their own body parts, how sad is that? ): Trust Lester to come up with something like that, don’t you think!

Okay, enough with my Lester Lim fangirl mode… BANDERSONICS was a blast! Maybe not blast BLAST, but blast as in everyone enjoyed themselves sort of blast (: BIG thank you to the people who came down to support us! Girlfriends came with a lovely daisy bouquet and Baby rushed down from work with a sunflower bouquet, love much! Bryan, Nessa, Jieying and Amanda also gave me flowers (: THANKS EVERYBODY!! <3

Teresa Teng’s medley nearly made me cry, seriously. It was a total emotional rollercoaster ): I hope I can get hold of the concert video soon so that I can rewatch it a 1000x and rip the audio into an mp3.

I know concerts are the best excuse to flood my blog with more pictures but my camera was running low of batt so I didn’t manage to take much pictures. Just make do with those of VeeKay and I in the dressing room before the concert even started haha.




Buddy! I’m honoured to be on your handphone wallpaper (I know!) Haha!

Anyway, went for beancurd supper after the concert with Karen Claire Geraldine Joshua Juliana Yawen Thomas and Baby <3

Bandersonics + Tauhuay + Lester Lim + Bouquets of love from friends + boyfriend = (:




Went back to school for ROVERS camp initial stage of preparation. Played games, travelled around Singapore for the race recce and headed over the Pulau Ubin at night. It was late when we got there (9pm) and it was already dark and sort of creepy because we had to recce the nightwalk trail. Everything was completely dark and it didn’t help that our rule for nightwalk was no torchlights allowed. I swear I kept having this feeling that somebody/something was staring at us. Creepy! Camped overnight in Ubin and woke up at 7am to continue with games and trekking till noon before we finally head back to the main island!





Pardon our unkempt-ness, we didn’t get to bath at all!


Slept the entire afternoon away. Met up with Baby for dinner at night where I made him drive to Geylang for beef horfun and durians because I was having an unsuppressable craving for durians that night!


And I woke up early this morning for driving lesson before meeting up with Veekay for shopping in the afternoon. It’s been a long time since we actually hang out together and it felt good (: Hello buddy, please stay strong no matter what! Lets go on another date soon (when we have the cash) and OH NO I KEEP THINKING ABOUT THAT PAIR OF HEELSSSS!

Mahjonged + watched UEFA Champions League with Mich Joshua Juliana and Baby and we just came back from Mac Breakfast. I need to catch some sleep because there’s band practice tomorrow!!!


Went to Equinox for high tea buffet with sis. The view was splendid but the food was seriously sub-standard. Nothing was actually worth raving about, sadly ): The hargows were small (puny, in fact). The fried fish fillets were too hard, mini quiches were too dry and bland, pasta too garlic-ky, pancakes too stiff and hello where’s my brownies/cheesecakes?! The foods that were passable were the sandwiches and scones. Sushi was so-so only. We should have gone for the dinner buffet instead ):



No idea why the flash made me look so RED in the picture above ):

Headed straight for alumni band practice back in Anderson Sec. after the buffet and Baby came to pick me up at 10++pm. Thank you Baby!


Woke up early for breakfast with Baby before he sent me for my saturday alumni band practice at 9am. Practised all the way till 4+pm and then headed over to Baby’s exclassmate’s (Nicolas aka Nik) 21st birthday party at ECP with him.



Some of his class guys – birthday boy is the one in shirt with the cake.


On the car home (: Played night mahjong with Mich and Yawen after the party!


We wanted to play tennis in the morning but we couldn’t drag our lazy asses off the bed at 7.30am so we totally skipped it and went for KFC breakfast instead. Afternoon was spent watching Night at the Museum 2 (which was hilarious!) at Vivocity and did some shopping before having dinner at Marche. We got stopped by a lady from the Biotherm roadshow to play some puzzle game and we won!! HAHA. It was so embarrassing because the lady announced my name into the microphone and we were directly infront of Pedder Red so my ex-colleagues came out to watch me embarrass myself.


Baby I am sorry I seem to be cutting you off from alot of pictures lately!




And haha, Baby struck 4D for the first time today lol.

Rovers BBQ last night was awesome because we had premium otah which tasted like heaven and jacket fish which was twice as tasty as the common sambal stingray. We also improvised a new way to barbeque the crabsticks so that they do not disintegrate on the grill/swell by spamming them with butter and honey before wrapping them in aluminium foil in groups of fives. The result was Y-U-M-M-Y with nicely done crabsticks that were sweet and buttery (:

I officially became the chicken wings/chicken breast barbeque-r because the guys realised that they burnt 70% of the chicken they attempted to cook. Heh!

What else was good… ah, the chilli that came with the fried beehoon was the ultimate highlight. I loved the chilli so much, my beehoon was RED instead of BROWN.

We had meeting till 1+am at the chalet before I decided to cab home and the cabfare cost me a friggin’ $33 with midnight surcharge! ): What a waste of money and I also thought I was going to die on the road because he sped at 120km/h throughout the journey!

No pictures for the BBQ because I brought a camera which has zero battery life out ):

Shall end off this entry with a random picture of my driving instructor which I stole from the driving school’s website:

He looks so stern but he’s actually very  funny and nice (:

Shall go sleep and dream about the chilli and beehoon and lavender chicken! ♥


Gifts from friends (:

The KinKi Kids photos are a joke from dear Mr Jacky Pay who actually got his friend Jefferson to buy them back from Japan for me. And who can miss out the extra-large Anpan-Man right!!? Here’s another solo feature:


When I first unwrapped the present I thought Baby bought me an Anpan Man softtoy and before I could say anything, I heard my girlfriends shout “HE MADE IT HIMSELF! ITS HANDSEWN!!!” My eyes enlarged to double its original size and I even asked him YOU SEWED IT??? Well, yup its 100% handsewn, no sewing machine or whatever and it took him two weeks!! <3


Along with his gift was this yellow box-like thingy. The cover totally cracked me up. Lifescience for Dummies; Score A+ for Exams! Seriously!!! He actually drew it haha.


Guess whats inside!


Pretty pretty red Kate Spade wallet!!!! <3 <3 <3 ZOMG thank you Baby!


He also got me a red&white Prince tennis racket because I kept complaining that I lent mine to a friend who kind of spoilt it and have not returned to me for more than a year already.


Although he stole the limelight with his Anpan Man sewing skills, I love him all the same, if not even more! (:

Okay enough about me obsessing over my boyfriend, I received many fantabulous gifts from my friends too.

TFT’s present came in a really beautiful box:


Which was fully packed with goodies. They got me a gorgeous Juicy Couture gold bangle with little removable trinklets! Sweet or what!


I love love love the bangle!


I have never received a watch as a gift in my entire life before because my dad runs a watch shop but this is how my girlfriends like to surprise me (:


They also got me the Olsen Twins coffeetable book – Influence, that I wanted to get since a long time ago!


And a dress! Thank you TFT, you girls + a guy are the bomb!


Shuang gave me a fantastic sandwich presser/cutter!!! It is so cute and I love quirky toys like that! We are both baking fanatics at heart and love messing around in the kitchen so its a pretty personal thing haha. I tried playing with it the next day with Jasley and we got so hooked with making funny shaped sandwiches!


F21 gift vouchers from NUS Rovers! Love you guys before and love you guys even more now because you guys got me vouchers for F21 instead of for trekking essentials (which will be a waste on me) hehe.


Two sets of identical stuffs from Sephora hahah! The boxed one’s from Thomas Willis Bh and Yikuang while the one with the bathtub’s from Andersonians! Being competitive, Andersonians shouted: WE’VE GOT BATHTUB! WIN!


Andersonians are so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! They got me this musical spinning carousel! I love whimsical pretty nothings like this. Totally! And and and, the red bow clutch in the first picture too!


The NUS LSM clique got me this adorable Swarovski bow necklace! What can I say… I like it so much I’m wearing it now even though I’m at Jacky’s place the whole day today!


Ignore the spastic smile + oily face + tired eyes (aye, I’ve been busy since morning that day please cut me some slack!), the main point is all the blings on me! Tau & Sharon got me really ‘me’ accessories haha! Bow rings and bow necklace. I put everything on the moment I opened their gifts (with the Juicy bangle and watch!) and I didn’t take them off until after I got home! Bows overkill, but I like!

Marilyn got me a pink bandeau bikini set (: Just in time because Baby was saying he wanted to go somewhere with sand sun and sea before school starts! Didn’t manage to get a snapshot of this because my camera went flat ): Rachael also gave me a bracelet heh!

And it felt like Chinese New Year because my relatives gave me angbaos! Gee, turning 21st ain’t that bad afterall!


And after the party, the night had just began (: No, we are not clubbers so we didn’t go to any clubs and get wasted or anything. Baby had pre-booked a VIP room at PartyWorld Shaw Towers for the night haha.


Room was sleazy much, with red sofa seats and laser lighting and blue light glowing from all corners. But it was huge (we got free upgrade to super VIP room hahaha) and there was a fantastic massaging chair at one corner which we had fun taking turns using.


I’ve never karaoke-d with Baby before except for the one time last year during my Granny’s birthday dinner where we sang Jay Chou’s Ge Qian together with my cousin haha. So it was fun (and refreshing!) to share a microphone with Baby and singing together <3



Glad we are all crazy like that (: Video of us behaving like we lost our minds on Facebook!

Pictures from the party:

(Credit: Miss Karen Tse and her professional camera. Pictures were resized/collaged. Original photos are 10x nicer)


The place – Karma Kettle Cafe & Wine Bistro. I called up several venues and did plenty of research on possible party venues before finally deciding on this cosy little cafe located at 26B Dempsey Hill Green. It received rave reviews for the food it serves and the setting/decoration/ambience was just what I wanted for my party (: The lady owner, a sweet young lady named Priti, assisted me in the planning of the menu via emails and invited Jacky + I down for a complimentary food tasting session. Extremely nice people and the hot waiter, Harry, explained in detail to Jacky and I for every dish we tried!

We reached around 5-ish that evening to do up some decoration. A big thank you to TFT for the help! <3


60 helium balloons and many smiling faces.


We tied balloons, hung banners, fastened pinata and stuck floral bows to every chair. I am not praising ourselves but I really do like the decoration heh!


A series of candid shots which turned out well! Although the one with Baby and I looked like we were fighting/arguing about something haha. Thanks Karen, I really like the balloon shots!!!


More photos on the deco.


Before the guests arrived. Thats me with my sister who flipped the pancakes (which will be starred later in the post) for the party from noon to 4pm. Kudos to you, Sis! And thats Sihui holding one of the three handpainted kettles (by yours truly)!


We had an early go at the food.


The food – Egg / Tuna Crostinis; Across the English Channel (KK’s signature dish: Linguine with 4 types of  mushrooms); Pan-seared Lavender Chicken ( another KK’s signature dish); Herbed Sauce Dory and German Potato Salad.

Everyone told me the pasta and the dory were superb and they want to go back there again for the food! I want to go back there for the Lavender Chicken!!!! It has bits of the purple flower in the sauce and the lavender aftertaste was yum! Haha Bryan told me he dreamt of the pasta that very night and more than 10 people have exclaimed to me that they loved the dory dory dory. You have to try the food to know how good Karma Kettle is, seriously! Anyway, they are undergoing a change of name soon, to The Clay Oven. Whatever it is, do drop by 26B Dempsey Hill Green!!!!!!!


Here’s the dessert counter and thats my 2 tiered bow-topped birthday cake! <3 KK provided mini apple crumble squares too (not pictured) and thats the homemade pancakes that my sis flipped that very afternoon! There were condiments to go with the pancakes at the side and a triple tiered cupcake display brought from home that was filled with little danish pastries/ferrero chocolates/butter cookies. We wanted fondue but we figured it would be messy and quite a pain in the ass to bring the fondue set to and fro so we banished that idea.


When we say its going to be forever, we meant that its going to be longer than the foreverest forever can get. Love you baby <3



TFT!  They are a very special group of friends – the kind that makes you want to customise them into Polly Pocket dolls and put them all in one very pretty house and bring them wherever you go (:


Veekay, Shuang and Tse! They are probably three of the five people you will meet in heaven. Honest.


This love will see us through.



Relatives. My paternal side aunties and uncles and cousins who came, not all are pictured here though ):


Rovers + Buddies!


Andersonians + Tau & Sharon + Aldrich + Hazel.


LSM Clique. ( Where’s Bryan and Nessa and Hazel!!!!)


You know, only with Thomas and Willis will the mafia pose appear.


Table for Ten! The people I cannot do without!


This is quite THE photo that kept making my heart smile secretly. Yes, thats Baby’s family and my family.


Some violent pinata beating. I was a walking hazard and I think I nearly hit a number of people/hit the lamp/the glass behind me. I even hit myself with the stick ): I hit so hard that the pinata flew off from the ceiling and went straight towards Marilyn and her boyfriend, yet it did not burst open like how it was supposed to be. So we put it on the floor and Jacky whacked it with the same stick you see above. Guess what, the stick broke into two and the pinata was still intact. I ended up tearing the pinata apart and throwing candies at the crowd. Umm, we are quite a violent couple huh, I hope we don’t get into physical fights with each other haha!


Love you guys!

More about presents tomorrow! (:



A big thank you to all the people who came down for the party <3 More updates when I have the pictures/energy to do so!

I thought I wouldn’t be excited for my 21st, in fact I thought I would dread the day but surprisingly, I am very much looking forward to it! (: Things are starting to take shape and I love all the people around me who have been contributing to the planning of the party – my lovely girlfriends, sister, parents and of course boyfriend! Like what Tau said to me, its like a WEDDING. Haha!

So today Karen+Claire+I embarked on our little journey to find some party deco inspirations in the afternoon. We ended up combing Keong Saik Road and dropped by25 Degree Celsius (25°C) Cafe. The walls of cookbooks are just too good to be true!!! Karen wanted to check out Whatever Cafe but it was not open ):

And then we finally found the highly raved about Japanese bakery – Patisserie Glace by Chef Yamashita!! <3


Claire and I had heard so much about it from the media that its impossible not to get something to satisfy our sweet tooth.


She had Strawberry Hill (left). It has a tart base (pâte sablée) and layers of strawberry slices with custard cream (: I had Strawberry Souffle (right) which was oh-so-soft-it-melts-in-your-mouth and was not overly sweet. I wanted to try their Rin Rin Cheese Tarts but they were sold out on those I think ): And they sell Baumkuchen too!!!! I wanted to get one for Baby because Baumkuchen signifies an everlasting relationship as the circular lines on the cake goes on and on forever but Mr Mysterious is banning me from his house until Friday!!!!!!!!! STOP BEING MYSTERIOUS!!!

I wanted a birthday cake from Patisserie Glace initially because I am so in love with their Princess cake! Look:


Pretty right!! I love the sugar doll and the pastel pink/peach coloured cream with little silver balls! But my sister reminded me that I am turning 21, and the cake is too cute for me. ): Its okay, I’m going to find some other event (excuse) to buy this adorable cake soon hehe. Too cute!


And this was taken last weekend when we went for food tasting of the party food (:


pancake poster_edited-1

And I really hope the pancake counter thing works out!

Can you tell that I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? (:


Dear Baby,

Thank you so much for the past few days. You’ve been the greatest help for my upcoming birthday party, helping me call up so many different venues and giving me suggestions, driving me around to get party stuffs and picking me up from band practices. I genuinely appreciate everything you’ve done for me and am really glad I have you by my side to do all these.

You are probably the bestest 21st birthday present I can ever get.

Love You,

Yuan Ru.


Why is it that I do not have a SINGLE cupnoodle at home when I need it at this very very very crucial moment of my life?

I’m hungry ):