So, today was the first time I drove during a heavy rain. It was SCARY?! Okay I know I sound very loser-ish for saying this but hey, I’m new to this whole automobile thing alright! ): I used to love playing with the wiper be it in my dad’s car or when Baby is driving and I didn’t know that it can be so annoying to the driver until today. It keeps going left and right, left and right… it made me so giddy ):

Forced Baby to go PS with me in the late afternoon to get my materials for my second DIY project! (: Started working on it at 8+pm and was only done by 10+pm. Roped in Baby’s help of course. I couldn’t have done it without him, thanks Boyfriend!


Cheap labour. He only asked for a bowl of fishball soup at the end of everything for his contribution. Heh.

(Yes! I floral-ized my boring white table!!)


Okay, I was obviously very excited to welcome my ‘new’ table.


Goodbye boring  table and chair!! Maybe I’ll spend more time at the study table from now on?? Anyway I really love all this DIY nonsense (: I’m constantly having ideas on how to terrorise the furniture at home. If I have a chance I’ll definitely want to re-paint the room omg.


In view of the recession, we must not waste anything, including scraps of leftover material!! Looky, its a self-tie head band that matches my table hahaha. On a sidenote, I’m finally getting used to my short hair (:

Waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry