I thought I wouldn’t be excited for my 21st, in fact I thought I would dread the day but surprisingly, I am very much looking forward to it! (: Things are starting to take shape and I love all the people around me who have been contributing to the planning of the party – my lovely girlfriends, sister, parents and of course boyfriend! Like what Tau said to me, its like a WEDDING. Haha!

So today Karen+Claire+I embarked on our little journey to find some party deco inspirations in the afternoon. We ended up combing Keong Saik Road and dropped by25 Degree Celsius (25°C) Cafe. The walls of cookbooks are just too good to be true!!! Karen wanted to check out Whatever Cafe but it was not open ):

And then we finally found the highly raved about Japanese bakery – Patisserie Glace by Chef Yamashita!! <3


Claire and I had heard so much about it from the media that its impossible not to get something to satisfy our sweet tooth.


She had Strawberry Hill (left). It has a tart base (pâte sablée) and layers of strawberry slices with custard cream (: I had Strawberry Souffle (right) which was oh-so-soft-it-melts-in-your-mouth and was not overly sweet. I wanted to try their Rin Rin Cheese Tarts but they were sold out on those I think ): And they sell Baumkuchen too!!!! I wanted to get one for Baby because Baumkuchen signifies an everlasting relationship as the circular lines on the cake goes on and on forever but Mr Mysterious is banning me from his house until Friday!!!!!!!!! STOP BEING MYSTERIOUS!!!

I wanted a birthday cake from Patisserie Glace initially because I am so in love with their Princess cake! Look:


Pretty right!! I love the sugar doll and the pastel pink/peach coloured cream with little silver balls! But my sister reminded me that I am turning 21, and the cake is too cute for me. ): Its okay, I’m going to find some other event (excuse) to buy this adorable cake soon hehe. Too cute!


And this was taken last weekend when we went for food tasting of the party food (:


pancake poster_edited-1

And I really hope the pancake counter thing works out!

Can you tell that I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? (: