Gifts from friends (:

The KinKi Kids photos are a joke from dear Mr Jacky Pay who actually got his friend Jefferson to buy them back from Japan for me. And who can miss out the extra-large Anpan-Man right!!? Here’s another solo feature:


When I first unwrapped the present I thought Baby bought me an Anpan Man softtoy and before I could say anything, I heard my girlfriends shout “HE MADE IT HIMSELF! ITS HANDSEWN!!!” My eyes enlarged to double its original size and I even asked him YOU SEWED IT??? Well, yup its 100% handsewn, no sewing machine or whatever and it took him two weeks!! <3


Along with his gift was this yellow box-like thingy. The cover totally cracked me up. Lifescience for Dummies; Score A+ for Exams! Seriously!!! He actually drew it haha.


Guess whats inside!


Pretty pretty red Kate Spade wallet!!!! <3 <3 <3 ZOMG thank you Baby!


He also got me a red&white Prince tennis racket because I kept complaining that I lent mine to a friend who kind of spoilt it and have not returned to me for more than a year already.


Although he stole the limelight with his Anpan Man sewing skills, I love him all the same, if not even more! (:

Okay enough about me obsessing over my boyfriend, I received many fantabulous gifts from my friends too.

TFT’s present came in a really beautiful box:


Which was fully packed with goodies. They got me a gorgeous Juicy Couture gold bangle with little removable trinklets! Sweet or what!


I love love love the bangle!


I have never received a watch as a gift in my entire life before because my dad runs a watch shop but this is how my girlfriends like to surprise me (:


They also got me the Olsen Twins coffeetable book – Influence, that I wanted to get since a long time ago!


And a dress! Thank you TFT, you girls + a guy are the bomb!


Shuang gave me a fantastic sandwich presser/cutter!!! It is so cute and I love quirky toys like that! We are both baking fanatics at heart and love messing around in the kitchen so its a pretty personal thing haha. I tried playing with it the next day with Jasley and we got so hooked with making funny shaped sandwiches!


F21 gift vouchers from NUS Rovers! Love you guys before and love you guys even more now because you guys got me vouchers for F21 instead of for trekking essentials (which will be a waste on me) hehe.


Two sets of identical stuffs from Sephora hahah! The boxed one’s from Thomas Willis Bh and Yikuang while the one with the bathtub’s from Andersonians! Being competitive, Andersonians shouted: WE’VE GOT BATHTUB! WIN!


Andersonians are so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! They got me this musical spinning carousel! I love whimsical pretty nothings like this. Totally! And and and, the red bow clutch in the first picture too!


The NUS LSM clique got me this adorable Swarovski bow necklace! What can I say… I like it so much I’m wearing it now even though I’m at Jacky’s place the whole day today!


Ignore the spastic smile + oily face + tired eyes (aye, I’ve been busy since morning that day please cut me some slack!), the main point is all the blings on me! Tau & Sharon got me really ‘me’ accessories haha! Bow rings and bow necklace. I put everything on the moment I opened their gifts (with the Juicy bangle and watch!) and I didn’t take them off until after I got home! Bows overkill, but I like!

Marilyn got me a pink bandeau bikini set (: Just in time because Baby was saying he wanted to go somewhere with sand sun and sea before school starts! Didn’t manage to get a snapshot of this because my camera went flat ): Rachael also gave me a bracelet heh!

And it felt like Chinese New Year because my relatives gave me angbaos! Gee, turning 21st ain’t that bad afterall!


And after the party, the night had just began (: No, we are not clubbers so we didn’t go to any clubs and get wasted or anything. Baby had pre-booked a VIP room at PartyWorld Shaw Towers for the night haha.


Room was sleazy much, with red sofa seats and laser lighting and blue light glowing from all corners. But it was huge (we got free upgrade to super VIP room hahaha) and there was a fantastic massaging chair at one corner which we had fun taking turns using.


I’ve never karaoke-d with Baby before except for the one time last year during my Granny’s birthday dinner where we sang Jay Chou’s Ge Qian together with my cousin haha. So it was fun (and refreshing!) to share a microphone with Baby and singing together <3



Glad we are all crazy like that (: Video of us behaving like we lost our minds on Facebook!