Pictures from the party:

(Credit: Miss Karen Tse and her professional camera. Pictures were resized/collaged. Original photos are 10x nicer)


The place – Karma Kettle Cafe & Wine Bistro. I called up several venues and did plenty of research on possible party venues before finally deciding on this cosy little cafe located at 26B Dempsey Hill Green. It received rave reviews for the food it serves and the setting/decoration/ambience was just what I wanted for my party (: The lady owner, a sweet young lady named Priti, assisted me in the planning of the menu via emails and invited Jacky + I down for a complimentary food tasting session. Extremely nice people and the hot waiter, Harry, explained in detail to Jacky and I for every dish we tried!

We reached around 5-ish that evening to do up some decoration. A big thank you to TFT for the help! <3


60 helium balloons and many smiling faces.


We tied balloons, hung banners, fastened pinata and stuck floral bows to every chair. I am not praising ourselves but I really do like the decoration heh!


A series of candid shots which turned out well! Although the one with Baby and I looked like we were fighting/arguing about something haha. Thanks Karen, I really like the balloon shots!!!


More photos on the deco.


Before the guests arrived. Thats me with my sister who flipped the pancakes (which will be starred later in the post) for the party from noon to 4pm. Kudos to you, Sis! And thats Sihui holding one of the three handpainted kettles (by yours truly)!


We had an early go at the food.


The food – Egg / Tuna Crostinis; Across the English Channel (KK’s signature dish: Linguine with 4 types of  mushrooms); Pan-seared Lavender Chicken ( another KK’s signature dish); Herbed Sauce Dory and German Potato Salad.

Everyone told me the pasta and the dory were superb and they want to go back there again for the food! I want to go back there for the Lavender Chicken!!!! It has bits of the purple flower in the sauce and the lavender aftertaste was yum! Haha Bryan told me he dreamt of the pasta that very night and more than 10 people have exclaimed to me that they loved the dory dory dory. You have to try the food to know how good Karma Kettle is, seriously! Anyway, they are undergoing a change of name soon, to The Clay Oven. Whatever it is, do drop by 26B Dempsey Hill Green!!!!!!!


Here’s the dessert counter and thats my 2 tiered bow-topped birthday cake! <3 KK provided mini apple crumble squares too (not pictured) and thats the homemade pancakes that my sis flipped that very afternoon! There were condiments to go with the pancakes at the side and a triple tiered cupcake display brought from home that was filled with little danish pastries/ferrero chocolates/butter cookies. We wanted fondue but we figured it would be messy and quite a pain in the ass to bring the fondue set to and fro so we banished that idea.


When we say its going to be forever, we meant that its going to be longer than the foreverest forever can get. Love you baby <3



TFT!  They are a very special group of friends – the kind that makes you want to customise them into Polly Pocket dolls and put them all in one very pretty house and bring them wherever you go (:


Veekay, Shuang and Tse! They are probably three of the five people you will meet in heaven. Honest.


This love will see us through.



Relatives. My paternal side aunties and uncles and cousins who came, not all are pictured here though ):


Rovers + Buddies!


Andersonians + Tau & Sharon + Aldrich + Hazel.


LSM Clique. ( Where’s Bryan and Nessa and Hazel!!!!)


You know, only with Thomas and Willis will the mafia pose appear.


Table for Ten! The people I cannot do without!


This is quite THE photo that kept making my heart smile secretly. Yes, thats Baby’s family and my family.


Some violent pinata beating. I was a walking hazard and I think I nearly hit a number of people/hit the lamp/the glass behind me. I even hit myself with the stick ): I hit so hard that the pinata flew off from the ceiling and went straight towards Marilyn and her boyfriend, yet it did not burst open like how it was supposed to be. So we put it on the floor and Jacky whacked it with the same stick you see above. Guess what, the stick broke into two and the pinata was still intact. I ended up tearing the pinata apart and throwing candies at the crowd. Umm, we are quite a violent couple huh, I hope we don’t get into physical fights with each other haha!


Love you guys!

More about presents tomorrow! (: