Rovers BBQ last night was awesome because we had premium otah which tasted like heaven and jacket fish which was twice as tasty as the common sambal stingray. We also improvised a new way to barbeque the crabsticks so that they do not disintegrate on the grill/swell by spamming them with butter and honey before wrapping them in aluminium foil in groups of fives. The result was Y-U-M-M-Y with nicely done crabsticks that were sweet and buttery (:

I officially became the chicken wings/chicken breast barbeque-r because the guys realised that they burnt 70% of the chicken they attempted to cook. Heh!

What else was good… ah, the chilli that came with the fried beehoon was the ultimate highlight. I loved the chilli so much, my beehoon was RED instead of BROWN.

We had meeting till 1+am at the chalet before I decided to cab home and the cabfare cost me a friggin’ $33 with midnight surcharge! ): What a waste of money and I also thought I was going to die on the road because he sped at 120km/h throughout the journey!

No pictures for the BBQ because I brought a camera which has zero battery life out ):

Shall end off this entry with a random picture of my driving instructor which I stole from the driving school’s website:

He looks so stern but he’s actually very  funny and nice (:

Shall go sleep and dream about the chilli and beehoon and lavender chicken! ♥