Went to Equinox for high tea buffet with sis. The view was splendid but the food was seriously sub-standard. Nothing was actually worth raving about, sadly ): The hargows were small (puny, in fact). The fried fish fillets were too hard, mini quiches were too dry and bland, pasta too garlic-ky, pancakes too stiff and hello where’s my brownies/cheesecakes?! The foods that were passable were the sandwiches and scones. Sushi was so-so only. We should have gone for the dinner buffet instead ):



No idea why the flash made me look so RED in the picture above ):

Headed straight for alumni band practice back in Anderson Sec. after the buffet and Baby came to pick me up at 10++pm. Thank you Baby!


Woke up early for breakfast with Baby before he sent me for my saturday alumni band practice at 9am. Practised all the way till 4+pm and then headed over to Baby’s exclassmate’s (Nicolas aka Nik) 21st birthday party at ECP with him.



Some of his class guys – birthday boy is the one in shirt with the cake.


On the car home (: Played night mahjong with Mich and Yawen after the party!


We wanted to play tennis in the morning but we couldn’t drag our lazy asses off the bed at 7.30am so we totally skipped it and went for KFC breakfast instead. Afternoon was spent watching Night at the Museum 2 (which was hilarious!) at Vivocity and did some shopping before having dinner at Marche. We got stopped by a lady from the Biotherm roadshow to play some puzzle game and we won!! HAHA. It was so embarrassing because the lady announced my name into the microphone and we were directly infront of Pedder Red so my ex-colleagues came out to watch me embarrass myself.


Baby I am sorry I seem to be cutting you off from alot of pictures lately!




And haha, Baby struck 4D for the first time today lol.