Went back to school for ROVERS camp initial stage of preparation. Played games, travelled around Singapore for the race recce and headed over the Pulau Ubin at night. It was late when we got there (9pm) and it was already dark and sort of creepy because we had to recce the nightwalk trail. Everything was completely dark and it didn’t help that our rule for nightwalk was no torchlights allowed. I swear I kept having this feeling that somebody/something was staring at us. Creepy! Camped overnight in Ubin and woke up at 7am to continue with games and trekking till noon before we finally head back to the main island!





Pardon our unkempt-ness, we didn’t get to bath at all!


Slept the entire afternoon away. Met up with Baby for dinner at night where I made him drive to Geylang for beef horfun and durians because I was having an unsuppressable craving for durians that night!


And I woke up early this morning for driving lesson before meeting up with Veekay for shopping in the afternoon. It’s been a long time since we actually hang out together and it felt good (: Hello buddy, please stay strong no matter what! Lets go on another date soon (when we have the cash) and OH NO I KEEP THINKING ABOUT THAT PAIR OF HEELSSSS!

Mahjonged + watched UEFA Champions League with Mich Joshua Juliana and Baby and we just came back from Mac Breakfast. I need to catch some sleep because there’s band practice tomorrow!!!