Love the smile, love the flushed cheeks, love the bow-tie, love his sucked-in tummy, love Lester Lim! He had been such an inspiring mentor to the band and I for the past years, I practically idolize him. He does not only teach us music, he taught us numerous life lessons that probably nobody else would be able to. Funnily, the first person I think of whenever I get butterflies in my stomach for exams/presentations/performances will be Lester Lim. I remembered him telling us that nobody taught us to be nervous,  so where’s all these nervous-ness coming from?? OUR HEADS! There’s no reason to even be nervous in the first place.

And his most recent reminder was to remind ourselves that our middle toe is still down there everyday in the morning. Why? Because although humans have so many body parts, how many parts of our body are we actually even aware of and maximise full use of? People are losing touch with even their own body parts, how sad is that? ): Trust Lester to come up with something like that, don’t you think!

Okay, enough with my Lester Lim fangirl mode… BANDERSONICS was a blast! Maybe not blast BLAST, but blast as in everyone enjoyed themselves sort of blast (: BIG thank you to the people who came down to support us! Girlfriends came with a lovely daisy bouquet and Baby rushed down from work with a sunflower bouquet, love much! Bryan, Nessa, Jieying and Amanda also gave me flowers (: THANKS EVERYBODY!! <3

Teresa Teng’s medley nearly made me cry, seriously. It was a total emotional rollercoaster ): I hope I can get hold of the concert video soon so that I can rewatch it a 1000x and rip the audio into an mp3.

I know concerts are the best excuse to flood my blog with more pictures but my camera was running low of batt so I didn’t manage to take much pictures. Just make do with those of VeeKay and I in the dressing room before the concert even started haha.




Buddy! I’m honoured to be on your handphone wallpaper (I know!) Haha!

Anyway, went for beancurd supper after the concert with Karen Claire Geraldine Joshua Juliana Yawen Thomas and Baby <3

Bandersonics + Tauhuay + Lester Lim + Bouquets of love from friends + boyfriend = (: