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Thursday dinner with the Life Science clique:

(Pictures taken from Hazel’s blog)

Friday night = Alumni Band Practice.


As promised, here’s a photo of my junior Joanne who looks like Joanne Peh (:

Am busy these days (: Busy yet happy hohoho.



Just one for today.

Not excited for birthday because nothing is even decided ):

Maybe I should just board a plane and go MIA the next weekend ):

Exams are O-V-E-R, OVER!!!!

I had a great start to the holiday, treating my sis to a whole Amer cake from Bakerzin (Half price!! Totally worth it) to celebrate her first day at her new workplace, met up with Baby for a night swim at 8++pm and then we caught X-men together at the theater (:

Haha, Jacky doesn’t know how to swim freestyle!! (Inserts evil laughter)

Can people actually enjoy 7 hours of band practice from 9am to 4pm on a Saturday when they still have an exam on Monday? Well, I can and I did!!! (:

Yes, alumni band practice was enjoyable. Of course, Mr Lester Lim did get sort of unsatisfied with the attendance at a point of time and gave us a little lecture. He is probably the only person who can lecture and scold me and make me feel bad and guilty and angry at MYSELF… there’s just something special about the way he teaches and puts his ideas across that really impresses me. I didn’t mind going for band practice without my entire AMB’s Sausage clique nor my closer juniors because I sincerely do not want to disappoint Lester Lim. Not that my attendance counts much and not that I can contribute positively to the music pieces, I just want to show support!!

My littlest juniors (those who were in Sec1 when I’m in Sec4) have grown so much!! Especially Joanne who played 2nd Clarinet with me today! Not only is her name Joanne, she looks 90% like the teenage version of Joanne Peh, seriously. I’m going to take a picture of her and post it here to show you guys because SEEING IS BELIEVING. I kept telling her not to look at me in the eye and talk to me because it feels too much like Joanne Peh is talking to me haha.

Changes to repertoire, no more animation medley ): But on the other hand, we’re playing the songs from Disney’s Enchanted movie and this Teresa Teng’s medley which is just brilliant brilliant brilliant!!! I know most people my age don’t listen to Teresa Teng but honestly, her songs are just so heartbreakingly beautiful.

Oh man, why didn’t I listen to Jacky back in Sec 4 and just choose SAJC after we got our O’levels results and join band with him when he asked me to?!! I could have be a better clarinetist now and not anger Lester Lim so much haha!


Old picture he found in his computer which was taken in Aussie last December ♥


& KFC’s breakfast waffles win big M’s hotcakes hands down.

I’m only left with 12 minutes but still, Happy Labour Day (:

So, today was the first time I drove during a heavy rain. It was SCARY?! Okay I know I sound very loser-ish for saying this but hey, I’m new to this whole automobile thing alright! ): I used to love playing with the wiper be it in my dad’s car or when Baby is driving and I didn’t know that it can be so annoying to the driver until today. It keeps going left and right, left and right… it made me so giddy ):

Forced Baby to go PS with me in the late afternoon to get my materials for my second DIY project! (: Started working on it at 8+pm and was only done by 10+pm. Roped in Baby’s help of course. I couldn’t have done it without him, thanks Boyfriend!


Cheap labour. He only asked for a bowl of fishball soup at the end of everything for his contribution. Heh.

(Yes! I floral-ized my boring white table!!)


Okay, I was obviously very excited to welcome my ‘new’ table.


Goodbye boring  table and chair!! Maybe I’ll spend more time at the study table from now on?? Anyway I really love all this DIY nonsense (: I’m constantly having ideas on how to terrorise the furniture at home. If I have a chance I’ll definitely want to re-paint the room omg.


In view of the recession, we must not waste anything, including scraps of leftover material!! Looky, its a self-tie head band that matches my table hahaha. On a sidenote, I’m finally getting used to my short hair (:

Waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry