The toilets at home are under renovation so my home is like a dust nest aka WARZONE now ): There is NO PLACE that is dust-free and so I have moved out and am currently being a freeloader at the Pay Residence for these 10 days or so.



Went swimming on Saturday evening with Baby again before heading over to Cassandra’s 21st party (: No proper party pictures because everything is with Hazel and I have not had a chance to kope any from her yet. Went for supper with the Life Science Clique at Chomps after the party and I had my Durian Ice Kachang. I have been consuming durians in all forms for the past few days without fail – durian waffles, durians, durian ice kachang, durian icecream!

Durians make you grow fat ten times faster ): But I cannot wait for the Goodwood Park Buffet with Veekay soon soon soon! (:

Played impromptu mahjong with Thomas + Willis yesterday. This holiday has been nothing but mahjong + eat + sleep + shopping. Life is good (:

On a sidenote, results ain’t fantastic at all. It pretty much sucked every semester but well, I hope I can just pull through the 3rd and final year and get it over with so that I can move on to something else. Nothing Life Science related PLEASE.

Bryan is a volunteer at the Zoo and he recently killed a rabbit to feed the python. I’m traumatised ): And I thought Zoo is a place where everyone loves and pampers all the animals.

Heh, and I bling-ed my camera with pearls because I cannot stand the sight of the peeling red paint at the side:


P.S. pardon the lousy resolution!