Monterosi by Jacob De Haan. Above is the video of Monterosi, the piece is so new that the recording is not out yet. It was in the repertoire for the night of Bandersonics’09 and also one of my favourite pieces among the lot. (Probably because clarinets were playing the melody!) I don’t know why but I was entirely overwhelmed with emotions when I was playing this piece on the stage, I had tears welling up in my eyes… the song got me all emotional ): Thank god I did not cry on stage oh my goodness.

Here’s some shots taken by one of the photographers of the night, Datson. More on Flickr. I cannot wait to see the other set taken by the other photographer.


The empty Victoria Concert Hall during rehearsal.




One of Lester Lim’s favourite thing to do during a concert when he’s conducting is to have a drawing block pad on the music stand which he will use to draw/write signs & hold up to show us in between songs. My favourite ones include a ‘SMILE’ sign accompanied with a smiley face and another that reads “LET’S MOVIT MOVIT!!”.Well, what can I say, he’s somebody unique afterall (:


Feels like SYF.