Met up with Veekay in the afternoon for our date at Goodwood Park Hotel for our DURIAN DESSERTS BUFFET :D We could smell durians even before we reached the Coffee Lounge where the buffet was being served, oh yummy <3

The buffet spread was gooooooooood – durian desserts, chocolate/cheese/fruit/caramel/berries cakes, puddings, icecream, fruits & assorted chinese desserts. Of course we attacked the king of fruits first! There were durian pancakes (standard), durian hazelnut tartlets, durian puffs, durian pandan cake and of course, THE DURIAN CAKE. The cake was the BESTEST THINGS OF THE ENTIRE BUFFET!!!!!! Actually, everything tasted good and extremely durian-y. I only had eyes/stomach space for durian-y stuffs so I simply skipped most of the other standard pastries.


Hello pungent breathe, satisfied tummies and two very happy girls!


Oh check out how dreamy the whole experience was. It was heaven for durian lovers like the both of us.


We already made up our minds to go back there again SOON (:

I don’t know when will the day that I will grow up come… I still get upset over the minor-est things and gets jealous/suspicious easily like a kid. I’m at a point that I am becoming afraid of my own emotions. Afraid that they may veer out of control and spoil something beautiful that I treasure so much now. Veekay understands my situation almost too well. Well, but I am glad that a fight was avoided today (: I will continue to try my best to… grow up faster. (BUT I DON’T WANT TO LOOK OLD HAHA)

I hope I can go back to Topshop tomorrow to get that cute cardigan! But before that, I shall go dream about more durians tonight (: