Baby had an army gathering on Saturday afternoon so he couldn’t spend time with me but he made it up by offering to pay half of the Topshop cardigan for me :D Yay, can’t wait to wear it out already.

Spent a great Saturday night with Table for Ten (: Vittles, MacDesserts, Mahjong, Prata Supper <3





Note the new face addition! And no, I’m not referring to the indian prata man who posed with us ok!!! (: (: (:

Sihui, please have a safe trip and take care of yourself when you’re over at Indonesia doing volunteer work! (: We’ll miss you!

Sunday: S41 outing to Sentosa!



The guys ganged up and dunked me into the sea!!!! JACKY WHY DIDNT YOU HELP MEEEE!! anyway he got his retribution because shortly after I got dunked, he became the next victim too haha!


Too exposed.



Love the beach pictures with Baby!

We stayed there till late afternoon and left for lunch afterwhich the guys + Byy decided to play L4D/Dota at Paradiz so I left Baby with them at the LAN shop and wandered off alone to kill time. Finally found the time to get my manicure done and yoohoo, I LOVE MY NAILS NOW (:


Manicure took about an hour or so but knowing the guys, I was certain they can’t possibly stop at ONE hour of gaming so I shopped around in PS and chanced upon the Etude House store!!! Oh my goodness, the whole store is so pink and so girly I would have died if I were to step in there back in Secondary 1 but right now, I LOVE THE ENTIRE STORE!!!! Couldn’t resist and I bought some cosmetics plus I was SO SO SO glad I managed to find a lipstick colour that I love truly madly deeply. I have been searching for that PERFECT shade of pink since forever and could only find a 70% similar one from Chanel but HEHEHE, THE SEARCH ENDS TODAYYYYYYYYY!!!! And I also bought a fantastic shade of nail varnish – TEAL!

We went for dinner + tauhuay after the guys ended their games before heading home.


Oh no… my ten days stay at Baby’s place is ending SOON and he gonna fly to China immediately on Wednesday morning with his family until Saturday ): Gonna miss him so much cuz the past week was perfect!