Hello world, the past two days had been unexciting. Just a lil emo-time spent on Monday morning due to some unhappiness between Baby and I… but we’re good now (:

I stayed at home and missed the ROVERS prep-camp. Home is an awful place to be in now because it is extremely dusty and when the dust gets into my nose, I start to sneeze uncontrollably the entire day ): That was how I spent the whole of today!

Packed my wardrobe this afternoon and I did a rough ‘stock-count’ of the number of DRESSES I own. Grand total – 64!!!!! And thats ONLY dresses, I didn’t even include the skirts/tops on the other side of the closet. I am a horrible shopper, seriously. But I did a massive clear-out and am only left with about 30 plus dresses now. Wardrobe looking much spacier now… hehe, I was joking with my Mum that this means that its time to build up my collection again (:


( In the midst of separating them into piles of : 1. KEEP 2. ALTER 3. REJECT )

Mum packed all my unwanted clothes into a big bag and delivered them to my cousin to see if she can find anything she likes. But I have a feeling we’re going to be left with quite alot of clothes… sell them online maybe?

I realised most of my impulsive buys are blogshop loots. All it takes is a click and I can sit and wait for the item to be delivered to me plus most of them are usually cheap so I tend to anyhow buy and end up with many clothes that are ill-fitting or those that I will wear only once before condemning them ):  AND I have this anal habit of not wanting to wear something if I see it everywhere on the wwnet/streets. If more than 5 blogshops are selling it, don’t buy it! Or at least buy it in an exclusive print/colour or DIY something on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always loved DIY-ing : change the buttons, the hemline or adding a sash etc.!


Random. My favourite catty softtoy with the honk-y tail. Its been staying at Baby’s place and being tortured by him for too long. Need to bring it back with me tomorrow when Baby leaves for China.


♥♥♥♥ Favourite cardigan at the moment!

And does anybody have any tennis coach to recommend??? Baby and I are keen on getting tennis lessons! Do drop me a mail at yuan_ru@hotmail.com! Thanks! (: