I went back to Baby’s place and fell asleep after I sent them off at the airport, such a pig. Anyway I am secretly happy that I have Baby’s set of house keys and I get to enter in and out like its my own house as and when I like for the next few days haha! His mum was mega-nice and offered to let me stay there while they’re away since my house is still in a mess but I told her its okay and moved most of my barangs home this evening. Now I’m starting to regret because the dust in my house is driving me and my nose crazy ): 90% of me has this intention of cabbing down and to spend the night there NOW!!!!


Goodwood’s Teochew Porridge buffet + durian desserts buffet for dinner (: Went with my family this time round. I wanted to skip all the porridge stuffs and simply concentrate on my durians but all the dishes looked good and so the glutton in me gave in. And to my delight, they were serving Tiramisu icecream tonight and it was SO DARN GOOD I TELL YOU!!!!

Met some of my AMB juniors who were there for the desserts buffet too. Seems like everybody’s catching on the durian fever. (Except for a certain Tse that I know of, AHEM!)

Ohh and today I had my first tutoring session in my entire life. It was a… heart-wrenching experience? No, not the tutoring part, rather, its the situation my tutee is in. Shan’t elaborate or disclose too much on this public space. ): ): ): I promise that I will try to help in whichever way I can to make things work for her ):

Misses Baby already! For the past ten days I get to hold his hand and sleep or snatch his blanket but no more tonight ): ):