Picked Baby up from the airport after tuition + shopping for bathroom accessories with Mummy. We didn’t even get to rest much before rushing out again for Nessa’s 21st party (:

Nessa’s birthday cake was deliberately styled after a Tiffany&Co. box, pretty! ( Sorry I forgot to take a picture of it before the cake cutting ceremony ): ) Especially in love with the pearl trimmings at the side. Was totally honoured because Nessa presented me with the piece of cake that had the bow!!! <3


Bow cake & the bow back dress in the brilliant colour combination!


Have your cake and eat it (:


This is for you, Nessa Bay! Baby and I were the brains behind the smiley face haha.


These were obviously failed attempts by Baby & I at trying to draw out a BOW.


And the successful ones!!!!!


Baby’s back and one of the first thing he whispered to me at the airport was that he missed me (: Awww… and YuanRu melts into a puddle.


Miss Birthday Girl and her Tiffany heart earrings! Very very very lovely, I want to get a pair too but how expensive are those?!!!


Aldrich & Miss Catwalkclose.Lj’s model aka NUS buddy aka Hazel Lee!


Oh and… Baby bought me an adorable bag from his short 3 days trip (: The big bow with colourful trimming is <3!!!!!

(: (: (: (: (: Can’t stop smiling at his blissful face when he’s asleep. I should get some sleep too, goodnight already!