Caramel date with Claire this afternoon for tea (: Finally got to try their signature Vita-Plum drink which did not disappoint. Tiramisu in a Cup was satisfying, though definitely not the best that I’ve ever tasted… don’t ask for too much when its only $6.90 yo. Once again, I need to rave about how much I’m in love with their princess-y chairs!!

Banished the bangs idea for now. I think I’ll just bear with this ‘not-long-not-short-its-in-the-middle-of-nowhere” fringe until it grows longer for me to sweep it to the side properly. Maybe the bangs will come in later when my overall hairlength gets longer.

Wandered around Haji Lane after that and I found some gorgeous loots there (:


(Not the gingerbread man! Thats the Marks & Spencer cookie Geraldine stole for us on her way out of the office. Which explains the tissue paper haha.)

So, I bought a ring, earrings and a white lacey top with bows on the straps! Okay, everything has bows on them. Overkill but who cares. My favourite buy has got to be the ring because its RED & GOLD and its a BOW and its only $19!!!!! Need to do a little victory dance here (:

Nothing exciting happening tomorrow but am totally looking forward to dinner!!!!! Stay tuned. Toodles for now (: