$%^9@#$%^##8#@!#$%^&*()&^%$@*@$*@#%@$*)_(%$  Need to vent my frustration somewhere and this is the only place I can think of after complaining to Claire and Baby. Life sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows how much I resent………………… oh man nevermind, just say eeuwwww now please. Life sucks x 1000000!! ): ): ):

Yes, I’m obviously upset ): And irritated. And annoyed. And frustrated. And then upset all over again. ):

Okay moving on, I did something to my old straw bag which I rarely use anymore today.


Old straw bag rotting in the storeroom.


Sewed a giant bow from some of the scrap leftover cloth from my birthday party and then onto the bag.


Like it or hate it?!!??? Nevermind, it didn’t cost me a single cent anyway haha.

Recordings for Bandersonics are up! Click here to listen to my favourite Teresa Song Medley played by Anderson Alumni Band on the 29th May at Victoria Concert Hall! Don’t miss it especially if you are a Teresa Teng fan!