Kids are the cutest ever! (: Working at the Zoo was tiring but definitely fun and rewarding especially when the little children come up to me and show me their coloured artwork in exchange for a jigsaw puzzle. And I totally melted when this EXTREMELYYYY cute lil boy called Jonas allowed me to wear the giraffe hat on him while he sampled the chocolate milk I gave him and then he looked up to me and smiled, with chocolate milk foam on his upper lip! ♥♥♥

Was complaining to Veekay on how I want to cut my dress up… thought K.S. was bad enough and now THIS. Damn sickening yo. Love my buddy’s replies though, definitely buddies for life haha.

Didn’t turn up for Teresa’s 21st party today afterall, really sorry babe ):  I was really drained when I got home after the day at the Zoo and slept all the way until 9++pm before heading out for supper with Baby.

And because I shop when I’m upset… God bless my bank account tonight.