Enjoying the morning sun in front of the lions enclosure. No, I didn’t pose for those pictures but I’m glad these candids turned out well!!


More. I was obviously still half awake while setting up the event booth at 7am. Loved how the sun shone on my face though. And my hair is actually long enough to be tied to the back… cannot wait for it to be long enough for me to frenchbraid it again!


Imitating the giraffe.


Cute kids are love!!!! All the 3 kids in the first row are Japanese and I loved the one in green! He did that finger-to-face pose when he saw that I’m taking a picture of him. The middle one was just adorable with that white milk speck in between his sparkling eyes yo! Couldn’t capture a proper picture of the two little girls in pretty dresses – they’re twins!! Their dad is an actor but I don’t remember his name.


Free milk samples! Free giraffe visors!! Free goodie bags!!! The lovebirds in action (:  They were on-task most of the time… unlike me, who was busy stalking and taking snapshots of lil kids.

Anyway I have  an absolute favourite kid!!!!! Presenting to you… Matthew Tan, 3 years old!! (:


Oh my goodness, I’m drowning in his cuteness!!! Anyway the pole & paper thing was a game conducted by the Zoo Volunteers for kids to yank the paper leaves off the hooks using their mouths only, as a way to imitate how a giraffe eats. Check out how lil Matthew is biting that paper leaf and not letting go even after he yanked it out!


A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!! ♥


I am 100% positively sure that he was intent on leaving his most angelic look in my camera memory card when I pressed the shutter button so that I will remember him forever and ever. Potential lady-killer alert!


Lions feeding time! I didn’t know lions arch their backs like that while feasting on their snacks. Anyway its intense stare scares me.


The lovey dovey couple.


Nessa and I resting our feet in the tentage while Bryan continues to interact with the kids haha.

Rushed back to Baby’s place after I knocked off to change and get ready for dinner. His sister treated us to seafood at Jumbo for her birthday this Tuesday and also for their daddy cus it was Father’s Day! Didn’t have any dinner with my daddy because we already pre-celebrated it at Goodwood Park last week.


A big thankyou to Baby for switching off the alarms for both weekend mornings, waking me up at 5.30am, driving me to the Zoo at 6am and picking me up from the Zoo at 5pm (: I’m very very spoilt by you but I love this feeling. One more week okay? Heh, love you!


Cake cutting at his place after a dinner of crabs and scallops and prawns (:

Did not go for the Bandersonics celebration party in the end, wonder how was it!

Ahhh I’m waiting for my KFC popcorn chicken. Yum! (;