Am currently all bundled up in my sleeping bag at NUS grandstand. Its Day Zero for the Rovers Adventure Camp which starts tomorrow. Hope nothing goes wrong and the weather will be kind to us! (:

Aye hohoho, I passed my driving test today! :D I was such a nervous wreck before the test because this was my first time and I heard several stories about the testers sitting in the car and being a complete grouch. And it didn’t help at all when I heard that I was assigned the most difficult test route!!! But luckily my tester turned out to be a nice man with grey hair and he kept making small talks with me which made everything simpler and less tense (:

Gotten the license but still no car to drive ): Parents ain’t planning to get me a car anytime soon… And Baby’s car is too precious to him for him to lend me ): Even Daddy doesn’t allow me to borrow his cus he said that its too big for me to handle… why so selfish!!??!! ): zzzzzz.

Alright, need to sleep now!! Long day tomorrow.