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bow front

Has. Got. To. Have. This. Skirt. In. My. Wardrobe. Who cares if I do not have any tops that may go well with purple , I’ll find something somehow!!!


Hello black hair.

We spammed alot of polaroids last night simply because I’ve never felt so good in black hair (?!) before and I felt like I just had to capture the moment.


This is bad this is bad this is bad. Part of me feels so happy yet the other part of me feels so rotten inside.

Rotten rotten rotten. Yet happy happy happy. Okay I don’t make sense in the middle of the night at 3am.

The only major update in my life now is that I dyed my hair back to black. Its been more than 3 years since I last saw myself with black hair. Needs some getting used to!

Oh god this sucks.

After matriculation fair booth duty on Friday (and after Joshua & Jacky matriculated), the group of us drove to Ikea for dinner (:


I love Ikea meatballs cus they are so… meaty!! But the potatoes definitely taste better with the cream sauce that came with the Salmon. Chicken wings are oily, but still worth the calories!



Oh and the carplate bidding results were out on Friday! Successfully bidded for SJS6552R, yayness. In case you’re wondering why 6552, it was my dad’s decision and I couldn’t object because the man with the money speaks. He wanted it to be the same as the apartment unit number + his carplate and his handphone number. Not complaining cus at least it ends with a R!

I have my P-plate, carplate number and licence… but when is the car ever going to reach Singapore!!!?!?? ):

Anyway here’s the pictures from today’s gathering at Weijie’s place for his birthday party:



Weijie’s little niece, Mernice/Bunny/Merlion is sooooo adorable! I taught her how to vandalise on the guys’ legs by drawing smiley faces and call Thomas ‘Uncle’ repeatedly, not a very good role model haha. Heh she refused to take pictures with Uncle Thomas and Kokloong but gladly smiled for the camera when Jacky and I posed with her (:


The cake on the mahjong table hehe.


We bought takeaways from Mcdonalds on the way back from Weijie’s and because I couldn’t decide between double cheeseburger or double fillet-o-fish, we bought both to share :D Chomped both down which means we each had a cheeseburger AND a fillet each at 12am. GLUTTONS. I’m going to grow so fat ):

Shall end off this post with an ultimate ugly photo of us!




We were shopping in town the other day and chanced upon a Toro-cat soft toy. Looooved it and wanted to get it as my car’s plush but it cost $40 so I put it back on the shelf because I’ve been overspending ): Went back and started whining to Baby about it and telling him that its the last piece left and guess what! He surprised me with the plush when he came over to pick me up from Rovers chalet at 7am yesterday (: (: (: Thank you, muffin!


Its called Marshmellow, by the way. Heh, I haven’t been naming my plushies since a long long time ago, I feel like a kid all over again now!

I hate Facebook. I can’t seem to upload photos successfully, which is very very annoying because I have SO many photos I want to upload (Rovers Camp, birthdays, KL trip etc..) Ugh.

I am dreading the new school term and I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about it ): I keep telling myself that everything’s going to be okay but the constant fear just would not go away. Need to share with someone how I feel deep within me, yet I can’t seem to find the words without sounding stupid. And… I don’t know who to turn to either.

Emo-ness aside, here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming KL photos. I’ve prepared all the collages but the files turned out corrupted and I’m not in the mood to re-do them all over again. Another day perhaps!




Pictures another day. Video today!

Caught Harry Potter in the afternoon before heading to the airport to meet Leeshuang for dinner at Crystal Jade (her treat! Thank you Shuang! <3 ) Passed her the gift I got for her, hope she’ll use it and like it and bring it out for a picnic with me someday and we can diy our own cupcakes on the spot (idea!!!).


We had desserts at Bakerzin and it was CHEAP like crazy due to some promotion thing going on. There’s like 50% + 10% off for Chocolate Amer, Oreo Cheesecake & Newyork Cheesecake! We only paid $6+ for TWO slices of cakes + GST + service charge, super worth it!


Hello Shuang, Korea in June 2010 okay! (:

Leaving for KL in about an hour for a short weekend trip. Sunway Lagoon + Manchester United, here I come!

Consecutive Macdonalds for too many days. Cinnamon melts x 2, McSpicy (my fave!!) for supper at 2+am while watching DVD with Baby… I’m definitely tipping the scale in the wrong direction ):

I realised I’m very into scalloped hemlines of late. I’m wondering if I can bring my old dresses to the tailor and have them altered into scalloped hems. But my guess would be that its going to cost alot! Wish my sewing skills were better… Anyway, I decided to cut up my old Zara jeans the other day. It was rotting in the wardrobe and I decided to breathe some life back into it so I went snip snip snip and tada… a pair of denim shorts! Hope that I don’t develop a liking for jeans ever again or I will stab myself with the scissors. I also shortened the length of my dress by myself, saved the hassle of going down to the tailor and $$$ too. So glad I have the sewing machine.

Went for dimsum supper with the Rovers people at Geylang last night. The dimsum is fantastic and I already took down the address from Kahmeng. Have to bring my dimsum-loving friends there someday!







Pictures ain’t doing the food justice.

Went for beef horfun at the famous shop before having our soya cravings satisfied at YongHe and headed home.

I spoke in a voice that I didn’t know I was capable of last night. Breathe Yuanru, breathe.

Baby and I went to this little cosy cafe that serves fabulous organic food for lunch yesterday (:


Its called Little Part 1 Cafe, hidden within the private housing estates next to Thomson Plaza.




Baby and I are planning to come back another day to try their desserts (:


Cute quote at the back of their menu.

Anyway, I went to do my nails again! Look!


Initially I only wanted all my nails to be black based and only draw roses on my thumbs but the manicurist took charge and said that she’ll come up with something for me. The black french makes it look like I have dirt trapped under my nails, don’t you think! I love what she did to my thumbs though :D


Went for his exclassmate, Chingtung’s 21st party in the evening at With a Pinch Of Salt Cafe. The whole interior setup was extremely cutesy with striped baby blue/white walls with matching tables in an assortment of pastel colours. And her birthday cake = two thumbs up!! Tiramisu from Canele yo!

After which some of the guys headed over to Shane’s house to play Winning Eleven / Guitar Heroes before heading home  (:


Happy 27 months, Baby! (Yesterday, haha)