Treated Baby to lunch at Oomphatico’s in Tanglin Mall this afternoon (: Its a “I-passed-driving” treat so I demanded that I get one too since he didn’t treat me when he got his more than 2 years ago.

I love Oomphatico’s interior to the max! It gives off a very Alice in Wonderland sort of feel and the vintage chairs/chandeliers/floral sofas are just perfect against the predominantly white background. Actually it was in my list of possible party venues when I was searching for a place for my 21st but the manager only got back to me with the quotations after I already confirmed the venue with Karma Kettle… quite a pity cuz the charges are around the same! Well, but Karma Kettle’s lavender chix & dory win all heh (:


Love the brick-etyish tiles!



And the chairs!! This feels like Caramel but the restaurant is probably twice as huge.


More chairs.


Hehh my new bag from ASOS! A pretty pricey piece considering that there’s so many Chanel-inspired quilted bags at one-third the price I paid for this available at random blogshops but I was just so in love with the multi-textured chunky chains+pearls that I couldn’t resist (:


My face is getting rounder/chubbier ):


Grilled Crispy Red Snapper! The crispy skin contrasted against the soft white flesh of the fish, I like! It’s slightly oily though…


Spiced Chicken pizza! I must rave about their thincrust pizza, every bite produces a satisfying ‘C.rrruunccccccch” and the spiced chicken was a pleasant break from the normal ham/pepperoni/chicken chunks pizzas. Tasted great (: I want to go back there for more pizzas please!


The white grills with glass which separates the indoor dining from the alfresco area. Love all the floral motifs on those white straw chairs for the alfresco area too!

Okay, so I’m definitely coming back again. We were deciding between Dan Ryan’s and Oomphatico’s for lunch today and I’m so glad I picked Oomphatico’s :D Dan Ryan’s can wait wait wait.

We went to view cars for fun at showrooms after lunch today because Daddy agreed to get me my own ride! :D Probably a secondhand one though… to last me for the next one year or so until I graduate from NUS and earn my own money. Well, better than nothing!

And, the Toyota showroom lady asked Baby if we are newly-weds. OMG DO WE LOOK SO OLD?!?!!!?? Or maybe, we look every bit like a happy couple who just got married ♥