Pictures from dinner at The Vines on 3rd July! Surprised the two July babies with an ice-cream cake after dinner (:



Pictures from the 4th July where we gathered at Kallang Netball Centre for a mini netball tournament ala Juliana & Yawen’s 21st!







The clique got Juliana a CK bag and a Michael Kors watch; and we also got a Kate Spade wallet + Federer bear + Sony NWZ-W202 for Yawen (: Hope they like their gifts because we really liked what we picked out hahaha.

Went to Peugeot showroom today to look at Peugeot 107 and we gave it a testdrive too. I really like the car’s design but my dad keeps finding faults with the car (for eg. the plastic-ky interior, the 3cylinder engine thing, the low OMV value etc.) ): I am 90% sure that he will not agree to getting me that car and that I will probably end up with a Nissan March. ZZZZZZ. Its not that I do not like Nissan March, its just that I’ll prefer a Peugeot 107 since their prices do not differ much and since my dad has already agreed to getting me a new car instead of a secondhand one, I should pick the one I like more right? ):

Anyway, got to thank Baby for being there for me whenever my dad loses his cool. Loves!