After rounds and rounds and rounds of persuasion, Daddy finally agreed to get me the car that I want – a brand new Red Peugeot 107!!!!! :D :D :D I know I’ve been extremely stubborn and refuse to compromise even after he offered to get me a Pink Nissan March… Actually Baby told me Nissan March would be more practical and the engine is smoother plus Daddy said the OMV value is much higher for March and the maintenance cost for 107 will be expensive… but sorry Daddy, I really fancy 107 alot more!


Going down to the showroom to place the order tomorrow morning. Cannot wait!!!



My own set of wheels… I’m friggin’ happy!!!

The funniest thing is, I have not even gotten my photocard licence posted to me yet! Baby was telling me if I had started learning and passed earlier, I could have gotten the car as my 21st gift. But aha, here’s the catch, if they got me a car for my 21st, I probably won’t have a party. Hehe, now I’ve got a party and a car! Honestly, I know I’m kind of spoilt and I’m guilty okay… I promise to be a fillial daughter!!!!!!!!

Baby’s car gonna have a new girlfriend soon! (: