Mcdonald’s new dessert, Cinnamon Melts, is super super super delicious!!! I love how its served warm, drenched in sugar glaze/frosting and bursting with cinnamon flavour (: Plus the bread is soft and tears apart in bitesized portions easily. Satisfies the sweet tooth in me totally. In fact, I am so so so craving for it now but its not available for delivery! I want more! More!

Baby and I went “window shopping” today but we ended up buying things again. I got myself a dress! Where’s my self control??! ): Am so angry with myself now because I promised to curb my spending habits. Then I had cravings for the Curry Chicken Rice from PepperLunch so we had a sizzle sizzle sizzle dinner and ended the night with more greentea latte from Starbucks.

I’m religiously checking the OneMotoring website every night to keep track of the carplate numbers being issued out. I have a feeling I probably wont be able to get my SJR and end up with a SJS instead ): SJR is definitely nicer because R stands for Ru! R > S anytime please, R for the win!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh, hope the car’s shipment comes ASAP please!!

Now I understand how Baby felt when he had to wait 3 months for his car.