Consecutive Macdonalds for too many days. Cinnamon melts x 2, McSpicy (my fave!!) for supper at 2+am while watching DVD with Baby… I’m definitely tipping the scale in the wrong direction ):

I realised I’m very into scalloped hemlines of late. I’m wondering if I can bring my old dresses to the tailor and have them altered into scalloped hems. But my guess would be that its going to cost alot! Wish my sewing skills were better… Anyway, I decided to cut up my old Zara jeans the other day. It was rotting in the wardrobe and I decided to breathe some life back into it so I went snip snip snip and tada… a pair of denim shorts! Hope that I don’t develop a liking for jeans ever again or I will stab myself with the scissors. I also shortened the length of my dress by myself, saved the hassle of going down to the tailor and $$$ too. So glad I have the sewing machine.

Went for dimsum supper with the Rovers people at Geylang last night. The dimsum is fantastic and I already took down the address from Kahmeng. Have to bring my dimsum-loving friends there someday!







Pictures ain’t doing the food justice.

Went for beef horfun at the famous shop before having our soya cravings satisfied at YongHe and headed home.

I spoke in a voice that I didn’t know I was capable of last night. Breathe Yuanru, breathe.