No idea why but the purple skirt I posted in the previous entry was mysteriously taken off the Forever 21 online web ): This sucks yo cus I really wanted it. ):<



This is possibly the bestest pair of vintage floral Doc. Martens boots, ever. I will wear these babies to all my laboratory sessions in school (#1 rule in labs: covered shoes!)  if I can even get my hands on these. IF.

2 hours at Yishun Dam at night with the girlfriends where we had icecream, played violent rounds of Ugly Dolls and chitchatting in general. I love the girls.

Nothing interesting in my life recently. Except for the fact that I went for Jacky’s cousin’s 21st party and saw Yikuang there because he turned out to be the birthday boy’s army friend. Jacky was down with fever since Friday morning but his mum advised me not to go close in case he spreads it to me so my entire Saturday was spent in MSN. Dying to check out Ion and Iluma because I’ve been hearing so many things about these two places! And saw Hazel’s pictures where she went to Night Safari too. Realised that I haven’t gone on any dates for quite awhile already… oh man.

Somehow… I’m stumped.