Baby spent around $380 on his architecture course’s designing supplies today. Expensive yo. I spent like, $10 buying pens only. Okay, maybe when the semester starts I need to kaching on textbooks again ):

CORS bidding had been a breeze this sem… until NOW! I got all my core modules for only 1 point each but am trying to bid for this particular GEK so that I can be lecture mates with Baby and the bid points are so disgustingly high!?!! What is this! Plus this module has late evening lectures that end at 8pm and workload is H-E-A-V-Y, why do so many people want to do this to themselves?!!! Or are there alot of girlfriends out there who wanna be lecture mates with their Year 1 Archi boyfriends???? ):<

Oh and this is for K.Tse:


Doesn’t this panda cookie resemble the one that you always get for me from HongKong!! I spotted these babies in the cookie tin at home today and I hereby declare that this is a LOUSY IMITATION ):< It is not even half as nice as the ones from HK! And now that you’re reading this… I hope you do get the hint heheh (:

And sad news #1: I doubt I will be getting my car by this month because up till now, there is still no news of the arrival of the shipment and in two weeks time, it will be the lunar 7th month ): Means I will have to wait wait wait until 20th September. Sigh.

Don’t ask me about my car okay, I will give you the saddest face ever.