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i gave daruma-san his other eye (:
thanks for making my wish come true.
daruma is happy now that he has both eyes. jacky is happy that he got posted to artillery. yuanru is happy because artillery=khatib camp=can meet up during nightsouts=can stay out late until he books in.

huili is evil! she offered me durians at the HQ today when she knows that my next lesson is SP1202 which requires alot of discussion in class! i eat durians alr then my mouth will stink and when i discuss my partner will be able to smell the durians&he will find me so gross. LOL. or maybe bryan likes durians secretly too. LOL. anw im starting to like my SP1202 GROUP4 mates (: everyone starting to talk to each other&waited for eachother to leave together. ((:

and weihan is in my chem lab session too! he damn funny pls. kept asking me ‘whats ur boiling point’ yesterday and i replied him ‘i duno MY boiling point’
rofl. and bryan is in the same ST1232&CM1121 lecture group as me. yayy i love making friends.

met up with jacky at arnd 10pm & we went northpoint macs to eat (:
he is so boring, forever eating nuggets. so predictableeee. i had opera diva cake from mac cafe! <3 wooh all the chocolatey-ness. then we walked home&byebye love.

oh and jacky’s younger sis,jaslyn, is going switzerland on sunday! LUCKY HER.
her group won some competition&tts the prize. she’s like, PRIMARY FIVE?! im so jealous xD
jacky booking in on monday morning at 730 and i asked him to meet me for bfast but tt lazy bf said too early for him ): im gonna pester him again tmrrrrrrrrrrr.

yayyy i cant wait for tmrrrrr. HEARTS.


jacky doesnt hv to go china to chiong anymore.

khatib camp. HAHAH JOY FOR ME.

i used this for my alevels results&i got my wish.
lets hope it works this time round too.
this is an authentic daruma-san that my sis got back from asakusa temple in japan for me previously!

for the uninitiated- to make a wish on a daruma-san, you first give him the gift of sight by painting in one eye. then you make your wish and wait. if the wish comes true, you reward your daruma-san by painting in his other eye. with this second eye for a wish-come-true, he is said to have “both eyes open,” which means that there has been success in some endeavour.

my legs look like a warzone ):
got bitten by some crazy insects at sci center the other day.
now i walk like i hv worms in my pants ugh.

had my first chemistry lab session today. wooh i love wearing my personal white labcoat&goggles. it makes me feel so, i dont know, scientist-y? :D
and the new lab techniques are so cool. (yeah i sound like a geek)
everyone was assigned a fumehood which is also our individual workspace during lab sessions. mine’s A9 (:
did some hydrolysis of methyl salicylate today& everyone had pretty white crystals as products
wooh. no more stupid copper sulphate crystals tt look like powder! (:
and we dont use bunsen burners anymore! we boil water using HOTPLATE okay. rofl
but we have to submit our experimental reports the following week. tts the boring part euw.
WHATEVER im going to complete my report today so that i can spend more time with boyfriend when he books out (:

tonight boyfriend is going to have overnight 28km roadmarch till morning and then parade & he’ll get to know his posting and booking out at 930am. he dreads aslc. post him to artillery pls. he reallyreally doesnt want to go aslc ):
but then again, his fitness level rocks (oh im bragging abt my boyfriend alr)
ippt gold aye (: & he finished 3rd in his platoon ytd for the 7km run; jus one sec behind the 2nd one. -whistles-

third week into uni and i must say that everything’s still pretty good.
im no longer as lost arnd school anymore, im paying for cheap food & i have new friends (:
BUT AH- marilyn hazel joelyn zoe fenella christine cheryl cheryl-ann sherlyn eileen regina andy bryan mario angeline sarah felice- im being confronted by all the christian names.
and im still stuck with my cheenapok name. yuanru.

yay pictures! (these were taken during lecture CM1121 using handphones so pardon e quality)

both hazel&zoe are so tall pls! 168cm&171cm grhh.
i insisted that we shall not take any pictures standing up (:

my ST1232 tutor is a really young china woman & i really dont understand her when she speaks.
im sorry im not being mean or anything but its true,
i cant; seriously.

i fell down in school ytd.
was on the way to hazel’s hostel and i slipped at the stairs.
my laptop BOUNCED a few times ))))):
i could hear my heart shattering into a million pieces when i saw it bounced down and rolled in the rain.
even the foam casing got torn pls.
so now my laptop has a lil crack&parts of the sides chipped off&some dented area ):
I AM SO DEPRESSED. my new vaio hai.

mummy i want new laptop )’:

im supposed to be meeting some guy at the mrt station later. i think he wants to sell me insurance.
i wanted to call back and cancel the appointment but he isnt picking up.
im not planning to buy insurance from you, thankyou very much.
im not even the least bit interested in buying any insurance for tt matter.

juliana gave me a preaching session last night and im enlightened (:
yes, give&take. as long as dont flare up& throw temper then allswell.
actually love is a funny thing, funny not as in haha-funny. but funny.
you happy&im happy.
why does it sound so tcs-drama-serial.

after the very emo 3hours or so in macs alone last night,
jacky suddenly popped out from no where at arnd 2.40am.
i was shoo-ing him to bed in msn cux he had the army half-marathon thing at 6.30am but he kept saying he shall acc me until im done.
after constant persuasion he FINALLY TOLD ME HE GOING TO SLEEP ALR IN MSN AT 2plus.
so i was like WHAT ARE U DOING HERE!? when i looked up.
sorry but i didnt buy his ‘i wanna eat macs bfast’ excuse (:
he stayed with me until i completed my ST1232 tutorial and walked me home after that before heading for his marathon run.
needless to say, i insisted tt he go back home and catch some sleep immediately after the run.
im so dumb, boyfriend so nice still think so much.
((: i must tell my mum. HAHA

i hope evryone finds their happiness-other-half soon.

tralalala.juliana sihui karen claire michelle yongcheng kendrick anthony, XIEXIE (:

everything is alright, or so it seems.
i shouldnt be feeling like that but i am.
im so confused now i dont even know what i want.


but thankyou karen&claire.
i dont know how i’ll cope if you guys aint thr.
every tiny show of concern counts.
its just tt i duno who to put evrything into words, not that i dont want to share.

pretending evrything is okay is easier than trying to solve evrything.

maybe my mum is right.
maybe i should just let go.

joaquin cheered me up with this-

TAURUS- The Cutie
Most Amazing kisser. Very high appeal.
Love is one of a kind. Very romantic.
Most caring person you will ever meet!
Entirely creative. Extremely random
and proud of it. Freak. Spontaneous.
Great at telling Stories. Not a
Fighter, But will Knock your lights
out if it comes down to it. Someone
you should hold on to.

wow im an amazing kisser. HAHAHAH

received my anya hindmarch bag this evening!

yay i love onpedder! thankyou georgena!

we are what we do
small actions x lots of people = big change

why this lousy feeling again.