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hazel’s 20th yesterday! none of the pictures were edited because 1. the lighting was quite pretty 2. i am lazy.

teaching aldrich how to use a touchscreen phone.

elastic skin contest!

cake from bakerzin (:

making a wish.

hazel is the bestest ahlian i’ve ever met!

cut cake.

eat cake.

after which i turned purple due to the strong aircon & no more photos were taken.

i hate the weather nowadays ): STOP RAINING!


an update with pictures from election night.

pre-election dinner.

the 28th committee.

the nominees.

the post-election supper.


i need to calm myself down before these tears will stop flowing.

out of the blue, i was painfully reminded of what she said to him previously.

baby, please tell me its not disgusting to hold my hand all over again.


ive got into rovers 29th committee publicity cell!! (:

elections was scary & nerve-wrecking. congrats to all the 15 new committee members!! supper after elections was fun. we’ll hit our target of 10,000 pictures before we step down next year!

pictures taken today will be posted after i get hold of them!

im typing in short, primaryschool sentences because im too tired now.

9am to 8pm school-day is crazily heavy & tiring.

and lectures are increasingly dry hence resulting in my boredom-ness.

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dian xiao er!

god of fortune!

ge-ge AKA princess.


confucious said.

-clears throat-


i enjoy taking touristy shots with leeshuang. we do that everywhere we go.

i went to ttsh’s starbucks today, a place that holds endearing memories for me.

lunch at starbucks. this is the third time i visited this place alone.

i bought new loafers.

“when laughs and tears are as inflated as they are in most films today, trained monkeys would be perfectly adequate as actors. actually moments of joy and sorrow are times when we keep our emotions most to ourselves. i minimize acting in my films because life is like this.” an excerpt from my film module reading.

is life really like this??

its okay, yuanru, its okay, its okay. its (            ).


this morning, shuang & i were supposed to head to clarke quay to collect our nike+ human race pack but we met up late so by the time we reached that place, it was already jam-packed with people! 3/4 of the people there probably went down directly after their army half marathon ): the queue was crazy with the massive crowd (at least 4000, really. AT LEAST.) if you need a visualization aid, its equivalent to 30 macdonalds hello kitty queues combined.

we bumped into shiyao so we happily cut the queue but after about an hour plus of waiting, we started to lose our patience. leeshuang didnt feel too good from the lack of space & my left foot was starting to hurt from standing for too long so we left halfway. we’ll go down again tomorrow to collect the race pack & i pray that the queue would be MUCH MUCH shorter.

mrt station.

we headed for lunch at meidi-ya! (: oh i dig japanese food.

udon again! <3

leeshuang bought this for me!!! its a black sesame pancake sort of thing! i have always loved this type of round pancake with redbean inside especially the one from mr obanyaki but this is the bomb! i didnt know they have this in black sesame flavour!! i devoured this before my udon came!

and then it was time for azabusabo! (: yes im a boring person i bought black sesame again. after eating tons of food i headed for boyfriend’s place while leeshuang left for her company’s bbq.

i hate paya lebar train station on a sunday. its like lucky plaza in the east. there were SOOOOO many maids walking around that place/sitting on steps doing nothing. oh my, i got out of that place as fast as i could & hailed a cab to escape.

baby was asleep when i got there because he was extremely tired from the morning AHM.

after dinner, baby brought me to fish spa because i kept going on about wanting to try it out (: i read on the newpaper that a pair of sisters got fungal infection on their legs after doing fish spa treatment but we were not daunted by the article & still went ahead with it!

kenko fish spa at the singapore flyer!! i was excited & ultra thrilled.

check out the number of fishes!!! the feeling was out-of-the-world-itchy initially. its an indescribable feeling to see fish picking at my feet!

look at his expression! its the itch!

there was a SCHOOL of fish right at the back of his calf hard at work. i can feel the itch just by looking at this scene!

opportunity to revisit this timeless expression.

the itchiest places for the bites are inbetween the toes at the web as illustrated by the drawing above & indicated by the fish & red arrows.

theres the mini fish pond. this feels like MILLIONS OF TINY ITCHY BITES all combined to give rise to a sensation as though an electric current was running through my legs. the kid next to me & boyfriend both got bite wounds here & started bleeding!

it was an unique experience and 30 minutes felt too short! i think we should do more of these random things the next time we head out!

& i hope we wont get fungal infection!

yesterday, we celebrated the summer festival at the japanese primary school (:

we started the day off with lunch at MOF. i am currently very hooked on udon.

the drive from suntec to changi was kind of long & here’s my dearest boyfriend waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

& we met up with my sister and her friends at the primary school. the queue for yukata rental/wearing was extremely slow-moving! we waited for more than an hour just to get dressed. what a waste of time! ): initially the festive mood was dampened by the heavy downpour but the rain subsided by late evening. however the stalls were all moved indoors instead of being held at the open area so there were no stage for us to dance around to this time round ):

my poor baby had to hold our stuffs for us + umbrellas while we were in the queue. i felt so bad for making him sit there & do nothing for practically forty minutes when we were inside the preparation room ):

finally dressed in my yukata & ‘reunited’ with baby! (: natsu matsuri 08!

our respective masks!! baikin man is also known as GERM MAN and is a villian in the anpan man cartoon! :D we had greentea icecream, daifuku mochi-s & sausage. didnt buy much food although the highlight of the festival was probably their food!

this is the balloon yo-yo game!!!! I <3 THIS GAME. the for the uninitiated, the player tries to hook up water balloons from the pseudo pond with a hook thats attached to rolled up tissue paper. soak your tissue for too long in the water & it’ll soften & tear off before you hook any so you have to be quick & accurate with maximal gentleness haha. im sorry i know i looked awkward in the above picture with the big umbrella :S

check out the colourssssssssssssss (:

they replaced the scoop-a-goldfish game with scoop-a-ball. in accordance to the AVA, the use of goldfish was not sensible so they had no choice but to replace it ): its true that this game has caused the deaths of numerous goldfish every year but its a tradition! how can scooping rubberballs with a paper net be half as satisfying as scooping goldfish!!!

another game was simply those throwing ball game. boyfriend was pretty good at it & the counter girl asked if he was from basketball :D as for me, the balls took a smooth flight because they were all air-balls.

me & my sister. i love backview shots of the yukata so that the obi can be featured & because my face cannot be seen.

my baby & i! i tried to persuade him into wearing the guy’s yukata but he refused! was quite :( initially but i understand that japanese festival really aint his kind of thing but he still came anyway because i wanted to. thanks boyfriend (: but he promised me to wear it next year! i’ll never forget that haha.

loves <3

we had our picture drawn!! it was weird sitting there and trying to look natural when you know obviously that the guy opposite you is STUDYING your face :S

this is mr seji the artist! (: he is damn cute!!

groupshots (: love the yukata colours!

our victorious balloon yo-yos!!

our backviews <3 love our masks!

more snapshots when we reached his place! i got to wear the yukata back because my sis brought a set from home out for me.

i swear ju-on had this scene where a human head appears from the body, right? or did i remember wrongly! :S

lets rub noses (:

this is my new favourite polaroid at the moment!!


… there is a woman (:

something special to remember this day! loves boyfriend (:

fireworks with love & his army friends & thousands of other people plus satay beehoon & sambal stingray supper <3