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When a French designer has immense love for bows, he comes up with heels like this.I am so inspired by you, Alexis Mabille.


& I would definitely say yes to a dress like that.


I admit it has always been my mistake, I upset him all the time by having these terrible and unpredictable moodswings and bad temper. He has been tolerant all these while and accomodating to me but I guess I busted his limit. I’m really sorry for everything and I just want this fight to go away. I genuinely do not want to destroy something that was once beautiful and only to regret much later.

How long more? I miss you.


I did something I thought I would never ever do in my entire life. I caught a movie at the theater by myself today. Watched ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’. Learnt alot from the movie and cried my heart out watching it. Its not another chick flick as I thought it would be. Do make it a point to mark down a day on your organiser to watch this.

Maybe the happy ending is just… moving on. Or maybe the happy
ending is this – after all the unreturned phone calls,
broken hearts, the blunders and misread signals, through all
the pain and embarrassment, you never gave up hope.

– Which happy ending belongs to us?

lily allen has this soothing effect over me i think.

supposed to join shawn & joaquin& the rest for dinner and karaoke session tonight (like, now) but i backed out last minute and decided to visit my granny at the hospital instead. seeing her getting more and more forgetful really pains me ): and daddy just bought one of those hospital beds for granny in her room after she gets discharged (which i duno when because she’s going to a rehabiliation centre first) try to picture a hospital bed in your house, its really depressing. sigh.

everytime the two of us quarrel, i feel that he always manages to hit the sore spots and sometimes, i get pretty lifeless from all this ‘staying-in-bed -and-crying’ episodes. i guess i really do need to grow up and be a little more independent than i would like myself to be.

recess week is half gone and i have not touched my notes ):

Comparisons are easily turned
Once you’ve had a taste of perfection
Like an apple hanging from a tree
I picked the ripest one
I still got the seed


): 我真的痛了。

can i just die please.

my recent blog entries are lacking pictures so here they are! i dont understand how people can blog pages and pages of words without pictures for weeks.


group 6 led by zhanwei & i! (:


the stars of the night.


i still cant get over the fact that the guys in blue&yellow said that i look OLDER than zhanwei. HE IS 25 and facing his quarter-life crisis now, how can he be comparable to a YOUNG 20 YEAR OLD ME. im insulted! ):

anyway here’s a (blurry/smokey) group shot of the andersonians from choonyuan’s 21st on sunday night:


monday afternoon was spent playing mahjong with 3 of baby’s jc classmates while he was at work. haha i hope he earns alot of money in the future so i can be a taitai and stay at home and play mahjong every afternoon while he goes out to work. TEEHEE. okay no, im not that lazy and i want to be independent too but i want free time to play mahjong whenever the craving comes knocking! anyway, i lost quite abit of money but baby came back and won a 5tai for me which did some damage control in the end.


we went timbre@oldschool for his jc class gathering at night. had pizzas and sat around to chat and made our way to rochor tauhuay for supper. S41 should have a class gathering sometime soon! ):


poor baby’s swollen red eye due to long hours of his contact lens. he looks like someone punched him. karen always wants to help me punch him whenever the two of us fight. this shall be a warning to him haha. okay kidding.

& because we ended late last night & baby was tired & he has work the following day, i stayed over at his place again & woke up at 11am with a hungry tummy and nobody was home so i ate chips & cupnoodles but his mum came back with mini custard croissants from swissbake so i had some before i fell asleep on the bed again. i woke up to find a macdonalds meal on the table his mum got for me (hi-tea?) and i finished it at 5.30pm and had dinner at 8pm again. it was a day of gorging man, seriously.


of x-rated gifts + x-rated cake, choonyuan turned 21!

i woke up at 12pm today and realised that baby has already left for work in the morning. hence im just completely killing time at his place and waiting for time to pass in my pyjamas. his friends are coming over at 3+pm to play mahjong with me later (: oh lady luck please please please shine on me! ive been losing in mahjong lately!

because im very broke these days, ive been trying not to do as much online shopping as before and hence, facebook is now my second favourite online pasttime. my brain got bigger today haha.

nus rovers bike to bite last night was pretty much a blast due to the great turnout and very enthusiastic + capable participants (no chui cyclists! which is (:(:(: )

i led a group of 9 together with zhanwei. tzewei’s boyfriend & his army friends were in my group and they are those professional bikers sort of people so they sped really fast and we had to put a speed limit into effect haha. anyway one of them had this really cool distance tracker gadget which calculated that we cycled for approximately 40+km throughout the night!

we went a total of 5 makan places in a night. first stop was feifei wanton noodles at joochiat place! oh yes the wanton mee was very good & the chilli that it came with was mindblowing :D wantons were a tad small and were on the salty side but im not complaining because i really like their noodles + chilli! anyway joochiat feels like the next geylang. it was skimpy ladies, men, pubs, sleazy ktvs, hotel81-s, the occasional teochew muay and it repeats all throughout joochiat streets.

so our 2nd stop was the official friday hot hangout spot for old men – geylang. cycled to geylang yonghe for their famous beancurd + soya bean drink <3 traffic at geylang on friday night is crazy!

3rd stop, makansutra gluttons bay @ esplanade! we also took many scenic shots of the flyer on the way there and experienced the cheap thrill of cycling on the F1 racing track :D however there wasnt anything much left for us to eat cux most of them were closing so we decided to take a short toilet break and head off to our next stop while the night was still young.

we peddled peddled peddled to killiney, went up a steep back-breaking slope before reaching mohammed sultan road for yong bak kut teh. the broth smells amazing and has a deep brown hue unlike those clear ones. its obviously a supper spot for clubbers and drains were conveniently located next to the coffeeshop for clubbers to throw up whatever booze they overloaded themselves with, what a disgusting sight- esp when girls squat by the road & throw up! if you cant drink, DONT drink.

last stop before the sun comes up – liang seah street tongshui. cold desserts to cool ourselves down!

so with satisfied tummies and a proud record of 40km covered, we returned to ecp & concluded 2009’s bike to bite for our group (: