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some shots taken during karen’s birthday celebration at sihui’s place.
jenrine how can u go offline halfway! more pictures pls.

we are not talking )’:


if my mouse didnt give up on me last night, maybe i’ll feel better.
if i knew how to do my chem paper, maybe i’ll feel better.
if the exams are over by now, maybe i’ll feel better.
if i am pretty and popular, maybe i’ll feel better.
if black sesame icecream comes for free, maybe i’ll feel better.
if i had tissue paper w me this morning, maybe i’ll feel better.
if my headache decides to go away, maybe i’ll feel better.
if i have flawless skin, maybe i’ll feel better.
if i have lots of money, maybe i’ll feel better.
if i am taller, maybe i’ll feel better.

if i didnt quarrel w jacky, the above things dont even matter & i will still be a happy girl.

this is how jealous i can get ): i think vinegar flows in me instead of blood.

sigh its tough to be my boyfriend, i know. sorry jacky.

i tell the weirdest and most unthinkable people about my innermost feelings when im upset.

says : we’re still growing you see
says : why jump into conclusion?

thanks to exams,
i cannot go out.
i cannot play.
i cannot waste my time.
i cannot this; i cannot that.

so i stayed up late last night and i did online shopping.
ended up buying two new tops.


it was 10.30pm and jacky surprised me by dropping by specially to pass me a cup of hot tea
“study hard okay?” yes boss (:

he is my cup of tea :D

organic chem paper was terrible today though.
what a big demoralise-r ):
chemistry shall remain as chem-mystery. i wont ever figure it out. ever!

i suddenly cant recall what i wanted to blog about.
maybe later.

i got these off the link karen posted on the tagboard:

stupid little things like these make me really happy.

bubblewrap is amazing stuff.

and im comfy in them (:

i met my cousin (nik) and her bf (gary) yesterday.
i must say that her bf looks like the younger version of shaoxian.
they are so cute together. i think she’s bringing him to meet my grandma on friday!
i hope he unds hakka.
it was pretty cute that day when my grandma tried to talk to jacky in hakka.
i did the translation in chinese for him and i dont know why but he replied in hokkien.
my grandma doesnt understand hokkien so i had to translate it into chinese for her.
yes, my grandma understands chinese. haha!

i typed a long post.
but it shall remain as a draft.
chem paper tomorrow. how exciting.

juliana- dont angry aye babe, i dont mean to not-reply your tag ):

one of the single greatest gifts (and curses) to anyone who is a little anal retentive is bubble wrap. a great package protector, but the real joy is popping each and every bubble. dont try denying, i know everyone loved doing so as a kid (or even now).
welcome to the future, my friends; electronic bubble wrap is here.

this keychain device has 8 rubbery little “bubble” buttons. guess what happens when you push one? yeah, you hear a little pop. but there is one bonus, every 100th “pop” is not a pop at all, but a silly sound: a boing, a bark, a rude noise, etc.

this is incredibly cute.

wendy left her country without telling any of her friends nor boyfriend that she is coming over to singapore to work. she went to school as per normal the day before her departure, sat through recess with her friends, slept in class, gossiped about the girl next class, went out for dinner with her boyfriend etc. but the next day, she didnt go to school. she didnt go to school for the whole of the next week. in fact, she hadnt been to school since.

because she has left for singapore with her cousin.

her friends called up her house to find for her but she’s always ‘not home’. her boyfriend went to her place but her mom just turned him away and said that wendy transferred to another school.

i wonder what if i just suddenly play the disappearing act and leave singapore for another country too. i dont think i can be like wendy, putting everything down to embrace a brand new life. but i’d love to try. if only im brave and strong enough.