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Am currently all bundled up in my sleeping bag at NUS grandstand. Its Day Zero for the Rovers Adventure Camp which starts tomorrow. Hope nothing goes wrong and the weather will be kind to us! (:

Aye hohoho, I passed my driving test today! :D I was such a nervous wreck before the test because this was my first time and I heard several stories about the testers sitting in the car and being a complete grouch. And it didn’t help at all when I heard that I was assigned the most difficult test route!!! But luckily my tester turned out to be a nice man with grey hair and he kept making small talks with me which made everything simpler and less tense (:

Gotten the license but still no car to drive ): Parents ain’t planning to get me a car anytime soon… And Baby’s car is too precious to him for him to lend me ): Even Daddy doesn’t allow me to borrow his cus he said that its too big for me to handle… why so selfish!!??!! ): zzzzzz.

Alright, need to sleep now!! Long day tomorrow.


Not much updates to fill this space.

Transformers 2 was good, Megan Fox = hot. Stubbed thumbs ain’t stopping her yo. Dance, Subaru was a great movie too, ballerinas are so graceful and poised! Gonna send my daughter for ballet lessons in the future haha.

Been shopping madly online these days. All the sprees… I really need to freeze my card very very soon.

AND… my handphone bill rocketed to $180 last month!!!!! Data charges are crazily high and I’m glad I signed up for mobile broadband already. Cannot imagine being confronted with another $180 handphone bill again. ):

Went for work in the Zoo as usual and we had cupnoodles, lots of Yupi cola gummies, Pretz, TicTac-s, Fruitips, Shrooms burgers and some Japanese nutty snacks throughout the day.

Need to rest! Mahjong later. XOXO.






So in love with the poufy minis that Emma Watson wore for her Teen Vogue photoshoot.


Enjoying the morning sun in front of the lions enclosure. No, I didn’t pose for those pictures but I’m glad these candids turned out well!!


More. I was obviously still half awake while setting up the event booth at 7am. Loved how the sun shone on my face though. And my hair is actually long enough to be tied to the back… cannot wait for it to be long enough for me to frenchbraid it again!


Imitating the giraffe.


Cute kids are love!!!! All the 3 kids in the first row are Japanese and I loved the one in green! He did that finger-to-face pose when he saw that I’m taking a picture of him. The middle one was just adorable with that white milk speck in between his sparkling eyes yo! Couldn’t capture a proper picture of the two little girls in pretty dresses – they’re twins!! Their dad is an actor but I don’t remember his name.


Free milk samples! Free giraffe visors!! Free goodie bags!!! The lovebirds in action (:  They were on-task most of the time… unlike me, who was busy stalking and taking snapshots of lil kids.

Anyway I have  an absolute favourite kid!!!!! Presenting to you… Matthew Tan, 3 years old!! (:


Oh my goodness, I’m drowning in his cuteness!!! Anyway the pole & paper thing was a game conducted by the Zoo Volunteers for kids to yank the paper leaves off the hooks using their mouths only, as a way to imitate how a giraffe eats. Check out how lil Matthew is biting that paper leaf and not letting go even after he yanked it out!


A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!! ♥


I am 100% positively sure that he was intent on leaving his most angelic look in my camera memory card when I pressed the shutter button so that I will remember him forever and ever. Potential lady-killer alert!


Lions feeding time! I didn’t know lions arch their backs like that while feasting on their snacks. Anyway its intense stare scares me.


The lovey dovey couple.


Nessa and I resting our feet in the tentage while Bryan continues to interact with the kids haha.

Rushed back to Baby’s place after I knocked off to change and get ready for dinner. His sister treated us to seafood at Jumbo for her birthday this Tuesday and also for their daddy cus it was Father’s Day! Didn’t have any dinner with my daddy because we already pre-celebrated it at Goodwood Park last week.


A big thankyou to Baby for switching off the alarms for both weekend mornings, waking me up at 5.30am, driving me to the Zoo at 6am and picking me up from the Zoo at 5pm (: I’m very very spoilt by you but I love this feeling. One more week okay? Heh, love you!


Cake cutting at his place after a dinner of crabs and scallops and prawns (:

Did not go for the Bandersonics celebration party in the end, wonder how was it!

Ahhh I’m waiting for my KFC popcorn chicken. Yum! (;

Kids are the cutest ever! (: Working at the Zoo was tiring but definitely fun and rewarding especially when the little children come up to me and show me their coloured artwork in exchange for a jigsaw puzzle. And I totally melted when this EXTREMELYYYY cute lil boy called Jonas allowed me to wear the giraffe hat on him while he sampled the chocolate milk I gave him and then he looked up to me and smiled, with chocolate milk foam on his upper lip! ♥♥♥

Was complaining to Veekay on how I want to cut my dress up… thought K.S. was bad enough and now THIS. Damn sickening yo. Love my buddy’s replies though, definitely buddies for life haha.

Didn’t turn up for Teresa’s 21st party today afterall, really sorry babe ):  I was really drained when I got home after the day at the Zoo and slept all the way until 9++pm before heading out for supper with Baby.

And because I shop when I’m upset… God bless my bank account tonight.

Embarrassing: Was listening to the Teresa Medley on my Nano on the train and I actually cried?! People must have thought I’m a crazy wreck. Emotions are unstable recently, need to get a hold on myself yo!!!

Hehe I cannot wait for the event at the Zoo later… 6.45am to be exact. (I’m supposed to be asleep now!) My job just requires me to give out free goodie bags / free chocolate or vanilla milk / colouring sheets and crayons / sun visors to kids!!!! Bryan, Nessa and I are stationed next to the giraffe exhibit, I bet its gonna be enjoyable because kids are so adorable (:


Hearts the cute boyfriend who ran out to the back of his house to walk me in and also carry my heavy bag for me <3 We drove out for dinner at 15 Minutes because I kept telling him I want to go there again.


Both of us had Fish & Chips… I like it but Baby didn’t like the crumbled skin. Hoho right now the only Fish & Chips I am craving for is the one from Dallas Restaurant and Bar along Boat Quay which I brought Baby there way back in April for our 2nd year anniversary. Need to bring Tsetse there asap because I think she will fall in love with their Fish & Chips too.


Seated too wide apart to get any decent shot!

I have less than 3 hours of sleep left!!!!! Toodles!

$%^9@#$%^##8#@!#$%^&*()&^%$@*@$*@#%@$*)_(%$  Need to vent my frustration somewhere and this is the only place I can think of after complaining to Claire and Baby. Life sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows how much I resent………………… oh man nevermind, just say eeuwwww now please. Life sucks x 1000000!! ): ): ):

Yes, I’m obviously upset ): And irritated. And annoyed. And frustrated. And then upset all over again. ):

Okay moving on, I did something to my old straw bag which I rarely use anymore today.


Old straw bag rotting in the storeroom.


Sewed a giant bow from some of the scrap leftover cloth from my birthday party and then onto the bag.


Like it or hate it?!!??? Nevermind, it didn’t cost me a single cent anyway haha.

Recordings for Bandersonics are up! Click here to listen to my favourite Teresa Song Medley played by Anderson Alumni Band on the 29th May at Victoria Concert Hall! Don’t miss it especially if you are a Teresa Teng fan!


Hate grainy pictures but this post is all about grainy pictures as I did not bring my camera out and dear Byy brought a memorycard-less camy to the dinner. Anyway yes, I had dinner with a handful of my ex-classmates at Sunset Grill and Pub last night. It’s named as such because the sunset view is supposed to be extremely good from there in the evening and its all about alfresco dining but due to work & latecomers & the maze-like road network leading to the restaurant, by the time we reached, it was already past 8pm, dark and the alfresco area was filled so we sat indoors (picture above!).

Sunset Grill is known for their spicy wings, offering levels ranging from 1 to 10 on the usual menu and they also have a full wall of acknowledgements of challengers all over the globe who came to try their level 20 – 30 spicy wings. After reading reviews and hearing stories from people who actually tried their wings before, it was recommended that first-timers try nothing more than level 3. The 9 of us ordered 18 wings, Level 1, 2 and 3 – half a dozen each!


Check out the menacing red hot chilli sauce that the wings are drenched in!! I tried a level 1 wing first and well, it was definitely hot but still manageable (: So… I picked up a level 3 wing next. BIG MISTAKE. I found it okay initially but after the first two bites or so, the spiciness started to burn my lips and by the time I finished that one wing, I had gulped down 3 glasses of iced water!! And to think that I have always had quite a high threshold for spiciness (extra chilli for my laksa, noodles, fried beehoon, nasi lemak etc..) I think I need more training before I can go back for more wings… Level 4 next?? Hazel said level 4 was just RIGHT for her!!!!!!!


Swollen lips swollen lips swollen lips. Kenny and Weijie wanted to give up after having one wing. Those wings are no joke.


Other food that we ordered. Pork chops, pork ribs, fish & chips, pan-fried fish and some nachos set which costed more than the two fish mains (not pictured here).

Definitely worth a visit but do so only if you’re driving / have a car. We drove four cars in and all four cars got LOST. The place is extremely inaccessible… and we made so many turns around the same area trying to find for it. GPS is of no help because the new roads are not updated and it just shows on the GPS that we’re travelling on trail.

Its at 140B Piccadilly Singapore Flying Club; enter Jalan Kayu exit from TPE, take the 3rd turnoff from the roundabout and go all the way straight in along Piccadilly until you see Seletar Camp. Go around the carpark on the left of the camp and you will see a roadsign that says Old Birdcage Walk. Turn left at the T-junction, turn right and then left again before coming to a steep slope. Go down the slope and the road in front looks like a deadend (especially so at night because theres no streetlamps there) but its not… turn right and drive along the road until you see the planes and hangars (you should see the restaurant by now!!) , go past them and into this little straight road that will take you to the parking area for the place.

Don’t think most of the people will understand what I just typed but if you’re really keen on going, I think the directions will be useful to you! Most taxi drivers get lost in there too… so its better if you know your own way!


Random grainy picture from my phone taken on 16th June when Baby and I went town.


Oh my goodness gracious me. Is that a red floral Kate Spade bag ON SALE?!!? Lets see, my weekend job + tuition pay… can I afford it? :S


Caramel date with Claire this afternoon for tea (: Finally got to try their signature Vita-Plum drink which did not disappoint. Tiramisu in a Cup was satisfying, though definitely not the best that I’ve ever tasted… don’t ask for too much when its only $6.90 yo. Once again, I need to rave about how much I’m in love with their princess-y chairs!!

Banished the bangs idea for now. I think I’ll just bear with this ‘not-long-not-short-its-in-the-middle-of-nowhere” fringe until it grows longer for me to sweep it to the side properly. Maybe the bangs will come in later when my overall hairlength gets longer.

Wandered around Haji Lane after that and I found some gorgeous loots there (:


(Not the gingerbread man! Thats the Marks & Spencer cookie Geraldine stole for us on her way out of the office. Which explains the tissue paper haha.)

So, I bought a ring, earrings and a white lacey top with bows on the straps! Okay, everything has bows on them. Overkill but who cares. My favourite buy has got to be the ring because its RED & GOLD and its a BOW and its only $19!!!!! Need to do a little victory dance here (:

Nothing exciting happening tomorrow but am totally looking forward to dinner!!!!! Stay tuned. Toodles for now (:


What I did to my camera, again.


… Humpty Dumpty and his friends had a great fall. I sympathise with the egg-seller ):

What a hot and boring day ): I woke up feeling moody and irritated.

Okay I typed those in the afternoon before I went to lie on my bed and fell asleep. Caught Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in town with Baby after dinner at the Big O.

The one who has more power in a relationship is the one who cares less. Just something that a character in the movie mentioned… sadly, I think its true. Whats your take on that??