people who say that they dislike working in an office because of office politics are lying. because no matter where one works, theres bound to be some sort of politics going on within. THE SAME GOES FOR RETAIL. omg its only the third day and ive already identified myself with a side and started bitching about the people who we dont fancy. this is kind of evil.

went home with jialian after work today and i must say, she is the equivalent of JOAQUIN from onpedder! (: both are my ultimate gossiping partners haha. and we talk & crap so much i think thats something alicia will definitely disapprove. too bad im leaving for onpedder on the 10th ): im going to miss LIAN. but then again, theres joaquin at onpedder :D :D :D

because i ended work at around 10.30pm, i was tired & hungry when i got home at 11.50pm. i was telling boyfriend that i was eating apples & jellies and about 10minutes after that, he appeared in front of the door with food for me (:

theres carrot cake,


& sugarcane drink!

(: and i spent my one day pay away during my break time by purchasing a pair of shorts & a top from f21.